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The Asia Plantation Capital group of companies (“APC Group” or “APC”) is a Multi-National group specialized in agro-forestry management, well known for cultivating and saving a critically endangered species: The Aquilaria tree (Gaharu) whose heartwood is called Agarwood. Also known for its diversification in coconut and bamboo plantations for the production of consumer products and biomass. APC is a 100% Impact investment, following ESG & FSC guidelines, including a 0-waste program: typically working with fragile local communities, using sustainable operations methods and modern technology, that allows lifelong and transparent commercial practices. The 3 Ps: People + Planet + Profit work alongside helping local communities to evolve, contributing in saving the planet, and providing a much-appreciated yield. Clients purchase trees, entrust APC with their management, the harvesting and the sale of the end product. As trees owners, clients have access to various levels of security, guarantees, insurances, expertise and yield. APC is an ISO carbon neutral company and received 10 awards since 2014 including the best sustainable forestry management company & LuxFlag membership for offering responsible, sustainable investment. Although operating privately since 2002, Plantation Capital was officially established in 2008 in the UK, before incorporation in Sri Lanka in 2009 as Asia Plantation Capital, followed by Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. The APC Group now has a corporate presence, plantations and agricultural projects on four continents with operational projects at various stages. The APC Group’s mission is to become the leading provider and operator of sustainably managed forestry and agricultural plantations - from project evaluation all the way through to specific plantation acquisition. It believes that corporate responsibility is not simply about securing profit, but also involves a positive contribution to society and the environment.

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