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Andrew Huggett

Self owned; Founded in 2015
6 – 10 employees



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Andrew Huggett joined CBRE in 2015 with over 18 years of experience in representing corporate tenants on a global, national and regional basis. He provides an all-encompassing strategic approach to his clients' needs. By implementing innovative, cost-cutting strategies, Huggett ensures that his clients' occupancy solutions meet both their short-term and long-term operational needs. Huggett's areas of expertise include corporate real estate portfolio optimization, corporate lease acquisitions, lease restructuring, purchase acquisition, excess real estate disposition, creative finance strategies, municipal incentives, labor analytics and overall real estate implications on the corporate balance sheet. Throughout his career, Huggett has represented a myriad of companies across a variety of industries in fulfilling their office, industrial and R&D requirements. Prior to joining CBRE he worked in senior positions for Equis specializing in corporate tenant representation. Andrew Huggett provides clients best-in-class advice and execution success for the most complex transactions across a variety of industries. His company global structure allows him to better serve the strategic and financial needs of the clients across all geographies and industries. This structure enables CBRE to offer a broad range of advisory services, delivering comprehensive solutions for the clients. Advisory Services: • Strategic Real Estate Planning • Real Estate Transaction Management • Single Asset & Multi-market (portfolio) Advisory (400+ offices worldwide) • Financial Consulting • Project & Construction Management • Workplace Strategies • Municipal Incentives • Labor Analytics

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Investing in own interest and as investment consultant

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Overall investment size in USD

$5m – 25m

Average investment size in USD

$30,000 till $90,000

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Real estate

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Andrew Huggett activities: Client Services, Client Services, Mid-senior level, Business Development/Sales, Investor Relations/Marketing, Business Development/Sales, Capital Markets, Vice President
Andrew Huggett
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