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Braeburn Whisky

Public company; Founded in 2016
6 – 10 employees


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Braeburn is committed to helping investors around the world unlock the power of whisky investment to build stronger and higher yielding portfolios. We a team of premiere financial advisors specialising in the sale of investment-grade whisky casks to investors around the globe. Innovative technology combined with a team of world renowned financial experts allow the company to build whisky portfolios that protect wealth and deliver unparalleled returns to investors. Get your cask consulting by creating an appointment at

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Braeburn Whisky

8 months ago

Whisky Cask Investment


Braeburn Whisky has pioneered an innovative investment platform that allows investors to build and manage whisky cask portfolios with the same level of simplicity as traditional financial instruments. For the first time, investors are empowered with a fiscally minded approach to whisky cask investment that includes extensive research, powerful reports, transparent oversight and expert support.

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Christine Moon

Client Relations Manager at Swiss Growth Forum

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Martin Signer

Managing Director at 4Finance

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100% positive feedbacks