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Braeburn Whisky

Public company; Founded in 2016
6 – 10 employees



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BRAEBURN WHISKY INTRODUCTION Braeburn Whisky has pioneered an innovative investment platform that allows investors to build and manage whisky cask portfolios with the same level of simplicity as traditional financial instruments. For the first time, investors are empowered with a fiscally minded approach to whisky cask investment that includes extensive research, powerful reports, transparent oversight and expert support. Extensive Research Helps Investors Identify the Best Casks for Investment In order to help investors make sound financial decisions, Braeburn carefully monitors whisky price data across all available channels to identify forward indicators for future growth. Our team is constantly examining auction results, retail prices, secondary market sales and distillery production figures to give investors detailed reports for each cask investment opportunity. Direct Ownership Protects Investors by Providing Complete Control Over All Investments Every whisky cask purchased through Braeburn is titled to individual investors with ownership rights recorded by the Scottish government. The stringent regulations in place by the Scotch whisky industry provide investors with total assurance that each cask is authentic and has been properly cared for. While casks must remain in a government bonded warehouse until bottling, investors have complete control over their investment and can sell cask holdings at any time. Contact Samuel Gordon for a free whisky cask consultation at

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Samuel Gordon
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