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Chelton Wealth - Quanify GmbH

Privately held; Founded in 2016
6 – 10 employees



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Chelton Wealth offers investment management programmes to clients who are looking for alternative investment strategies. Covering a large spectrum of alternative strategies, Chelton Wealth offers investment solutions throughout market and economic cycles. It operates through regulated affiliated entities and partners based in the main financial centres. Chelton Wealth is supported by experienced investors and traders, as well as by investment consultants and developers of trading systems. Since its inception, the company has built key strategic partnerships and works very efficiently with multiple vendors in the industry, successfully achieving to assure the four fundamental cornerstones for our clients to optimise their investment – performance and profitability: ✔ The utmost transparency and absolute absence of any conflict of interests ✔ The most reliable client–asset custodian conditions ✔ Direct access to strictly regulated and fair Interbank Market execution environments at the lowest transactional costs (No Dealing Desk intervention) ✔ The best performing trading systems and protocols. We partner with talented professionals in the industry who trade through prime bank liquidity providers and deploy state of the art technology. In addition, Chelton Wealth works with customers through every aspect of the process so that they may have a comfortable and beneficial experience. We are committed to helping all of our clients find the best strategy for managing and growing their capital and delivering unrivalled trading performance whilst focusing on reducing risk and sustaining consistent profitability over the long term. Chelton Wealth manages assets for institutional investors (including corporations, foundations, endowments and pensions), funds of hedge funds, family offices, and (ultra) high-net-worth individuals.

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