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Erythra Inc

Partnership; Founded in 2018
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The Company is founded to make use of the dynamic antigen store discovery and owns the patents for it. This store shows the immune tolerated antigens and their degree of tolerance. By using this discovery an innumerable number of products can be produced. We have 3 main pillars representing 3 types of products. 1- Diagnostic products will be able to diagnose diseases while they are in the incubation period. This is crucial in malignant diseases. The early the diagnosis the more effective is the treatment. Moreover, we will be able to diagnose disorders that currently have no way to be diagnosed accurately, as an example the Alzheimer's disease. 2- Many vaccines are existing that show an excellent impact on health management. In fact, if we want to get rid of a particular disease we should have a good vaccine for it. For example, smallpox disappeared from the world because there was an efficient vaccine. Polio is about to disappear because of the polio vaccine. Our vision is to prepare vaccines for malignant diseases and also try to improve the currently available vaccines. The idea is still in infancy state and new products will be developed with the progress of our understanding of the idea. 3- New products that can treat autoimmune disorders will be invented. Currently, there is no curing drug for those types of disorders. The treatment is based on palliative drugs

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