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Ferhan Patel

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Ferhan Patel is a FinTech Executive from Canada. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from the Concordia University. This FinTech Executive showed a great interest for computer science, academia and hard work since an early age. After obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree, Patel continued working as a work as a Business Systems Analyst extending his love of technology. Ferhan Patel holds a wide experience which is essential to sensibly guide professional or business with the prospective to grow. Recently Ferhan Patel changed his professional focus and started working as a consultant. He shares his wealth of knowledge and experience to people and companies to help them to grow their business or enhance their product. Ferhan Patel always seeks to find the best solution to a problem, Whether he is considering a company’s infrastructure, assessing a product, or drafting policy. This FinTech Executive has a proven tactical and progressive insights as evidenced by his professional and personal accomplishments.

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