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Futurity Capital LLC

Partnership; Founded in 2011
1 - 5 employees



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Futurity Capital LLC, an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, is focused on helping you achieve a secure financial future. In addition to investment management, we offer both hourly, as-needed assistance as well as comprehensive, holistic financial planning. By understanding what matters to you, we can better help you achieve your goals. The choices you make now about your money and your future will likely impact you and your family for many years to come. Those decisions are best made with objective, expert input from a CFP professional who will help you simplify & organize your life. Our clients benefit from our ability to offer unbiased objective advice and the appropriate strategies to reach their goals. Since Futurity Capital is not affiliated with any brokerage chain or insurance company, we do not receive commissions on the products or services that we may recommend. Our mission is to provide the highest quality investment management and financial planning services to individuals and families through objective unbiased advice, competitive results and personal service.

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