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Non-profit; Founded in 1995
1 - 5 employees



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HUMANBE is an ACTION TANK in COUNCIL of SUSTAINABLE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. The priority of our actions are informative in the field of the Global Goals, educational as regards Sustainable Development, in order to contribute to the evolution of the behaviors and participative by the contribution of knowledge which is a proven interest in the evolution of our humanity After organizing many TRANSFORMATION TALKS around the world, we continue to build our GLOBAL ALLIANCE of leaders in TRANSFORMATION ready to share new impact solutions based on GLOBAL GOALS, thanks to partners like ONE https://www.weareone.one and FYL (Free Your Life) https://www.fyl.life who help to secure contracts and impact investments. While waiting for the pandemic to disappear, we will be setting up future VIRTUAL TRANSFORMATIONS TALKS that go beyond the current classic webinars. As soon as we are ready, we will be happy to invite you or to discuss of our common visions! If you think that our future is not irreversible, and that we all can influence above... Then, change the course of the events and become the creators of tomorrow by joining a global movement working to create a more human world. Adopt one of our projects by your financial support, become voluntary, or quite simply, support a durable logic of development by putting the human being at the center of your concerns. WEBSITE http://www.humanbe.com FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/jacques.macaire TWITTER http://twitter.com/Humanbe LINKEDIN http://fr.linkedin.com/in/humanbe Specialties: COUNCIL ON SUSTAINABLE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL

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