Joe Chappel activities: Owner & Managing Director

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Joe Chappel

Owner & Managing Director at Next Level Assets
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*Recruitment *Ditribution *Asset-backed Alternatives I am a Thailand based professional in the alternative investment distribution industry and on SmartMoneyMatch to expand my network and connect with other industry professionals. I would be happy to connect on SmartMoneyMatch and start the dialogue to see how we can cooperate.

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Joe Chappel activities: Owner & Managing Director

Joe Chappel

6 days ago - Apply here today Alternative Investment Consultants Next Level Assets (NLA) is a corporate intermediary service that connects investors, sellers and buyers to opportunities from our network of private financiers & alternative product providers. Specialising in Asset-backed FinTech & Intellectual Property (IP) alternatives, NLA is an alternative investment start-up in a joint-venture with an established Australian loan originator with representative off... Read more

Joe Chappel activities: Owner & Managing Director

Joe Chappel

7 days ago

Alternative Investment Consultant Sales

Joe Chappel
Contract type
Unlimited employment
Seniority level
Not applicable
Work amount
90% till 100%
Work area
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Other
  • Investment Managment
  • Other
  • Debt/Fixed Income
  • Other
  • Institutional
  • Sales -trading
  • Capital Introduction
  • Business Development
  • Financial advisory
  • Investment consultant
  • Banking
  • Insurance services
  • Risk Management
  • Back Office
  • Legal & Compliance
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Information Technology
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Prior to the launch of new product(s), they are lo... Read more

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