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Please find below users who already used the offered services or invested with Karen Wendt and/or performed due diligence on the individual or its offerings.

This page gives an overview of users of SmartMoneyMatch who are already investing with the individual and/or have performed due diligence on the any of its offered investments. The idea is to lower the effort for high quality due diligence to offer a market place. The remuneration for the people/organizations who offer due diligence insight is not through SmartMoneyMatch. The compensation for due diligence consulting is upon negotiation in-between the users who offer and receive it.

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Good professional in Symfony/Business Analysis
Martin Signer
Managing Director at 4Finance

I am very happy with his work

Very good ball striker
Anonymous user

Hi hits the ball very long and creates very good instruction videos

Martin Signer
Managing Director at 4Finance

I know Jaacob from practicing golf in Zurich. He is a nice guy and really seems to know what he does. I can recommend working with him. Succeeding on the golf tour is obviously tough not an easy endeavor.

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