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Luxury Realty Group

Privately held; Founded in 2018
1 - 5 employees



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Luxury Realty Group Inc is the holding company for Luxury Realty Group LLC (NV), Talega Systems LLC (NV), and Luxury Realty Group Inc (CA). The business specializes in innovative real estate residential sales and services. Self-funded real estate software (IDXSEO and TalegaAI) that gives consumers innovative real estate listing search and our real estate agents advanced software for a competitive edge. A Private Placement Memorandum has been created and currently, we're seeking seed round funding. Luxury Realty Group LLC was founded in 1/2008 in Nevada and has been a successful luxury real estate residential brokerage since its founding. Luxury Realty Group Inc was founded in 2013 in California. All Luxury Realty Group operating locations are virtual and use professional office suites for physical locations. Talega Systems LLC was founded on 04/2017 in Nevada as a self-funded website and real estate software development company. Talega Systems created IDXSEO (IDXSEO.com) which is exclusively used by Luxury Realty Group agents for competitive positioning in markets where Luxury Realty Group operates. Arrow Electronics certified IDXSEO software and IBM gave Talega Systems an initial start-up grant. Luxury Realty Group® is a USA federally trademarked name and Luxury Realty Group has many registered trademarks for marketing of its services. Its various logos are also trademarked. Luxury Realty Group has its own YouTube channel, multiple social media marketing channels, and has its own syndicated podcast channel Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate. Additionally, Luxury Realty Group has a special channel on Apple podcasts called Las Vegas Real Estate. Luxury Realty Group Inc has created a Private Placement Memorandum and is currently seeking seed round funding to open Luxury Realty Group operations across the US and Canada.

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