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5 things to do in Hong Kong in September for crypto people of the future

Article about 5 things to do in Hong Kong in September for crypto people of the future

Hong Kong recently has became the major crypto world hub. Most likely you already have visited it for one of the numerous conference or road shows. Today we want to share not just industry events schedule but other important happenings in Hong Kong during September 2018. Time to explore a little bit more of this beautiful city. And September is one of the best months to visit Hong Kong and here’s why. 

1. Feel the cyberpunk vibe. Did you know that futuristic cityscapes in “Blade Runner” and “Ghost in the Shell” were modeled after Hong Kong? It is a high tech metropolis with a very distinctive aesthetics, embodying the spirit of cyberpunk. Walk around the city in the night to appreciate it’s noir urbanistic beauty. Even the rain (which is a likely event in September) doesn’t annoy you, it rather becomes a final touch to the surreal dystopian atmosphere.

2. Celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, one of the most important Chinese festivals.

Celebrated on the full moon during the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, it is one of the most beautiful Chinese festivals. Millions of chinese lanterns will light up the city and the sky to worship the moon. Fire dragon of 67 metres long and made with 70,000 incense sticks will do it’s dance on the streets. Reason behind the festival is expressing the gratitude for the abundant harvest and share it with your family. The moon is being worshipped as the symbol of unity: “May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are hundreds of miles apart” - says the romantic Chinese poem.

3. Try the cheapest Michelin restaurant in the world 

Michelin-starred restaurants tend to blow your mind not only with the food quality but also with the prices in the menu. But what if there was a Michelin restaurant with prices below 3 USD? Well there is one in Hong Kong. It also happens to be located at the train station.  Tim Ho Wan is reportedly the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world. Specialising in dim sum – a Hong Kong traditional cuisine – they deliver a great taste at extraordinary cheap prices.

4. Visit the biggest casino in the world by crossing the world's longest sea-crossing bridge. 

Yes it’s a lot of superlative descriptions in one sentence. What can we say, China is known for it’s ambitious projects. Macau - another Chinese special administrative region - is known to be a Las-Vegas of China with an addition of charmingly odd cultural mix of Portuguese heritage with Chinese present. It is also home to the biggest casino in the world “Venetian”. Let’s admit, all of us have a gambling side (otherwise we would never invest in a cryptocurrency). Those of us who bought it back in 2008 know how sweet the winning tastes. Try your luck in Macau. And also try out the new bridge. Macau will be connected to Hong Kong and Zhuhai with the longest sea-crossing bridge which spans over 55km in the sea and has an estimated construction cost of 17bln USD. It is already completed and will be open for public traffic any day now. 


5. Visit Unblock Community conference

If you believe in the decentralized future and identify yourself as the blockchain industry participant, then it’s a must-visit event for you. The key topic of the conference is community concept in blockchain industry. Speakers and guests will be traveling from around the world to tackle the challenge of renovating the crypto community for an unblocked future. 

During 2 days of conference participants will have a deep dive discussion about the concept of the community from different angles. As a participant you will get:

  • Essential community building and managing skills to grow and monetize the community of your project.
  • Insights and tools from international experts to grow your blockchain business multifold 
  • Introduction to the handpicked blockchain elite. Meet the right people at the right place!
  • 30+ worldwide investors with “smart money”
  • 70+ verified projects selected by Iskander.lab experts