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Martin Molina Attorney at Law

Self owned; Founded in 1989
10000+ employees


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My professional legal international services are constitution of offshore Panamanian corporations, private interest foundations, opening of operational banking or savings accounts in banks or banks, obtaining banking licenses for private and investment banking, trusts, flagging of ships, financial entities, cooperatives, correspondent of foreign firms, sale of four companies, foundation, and provide legal or legal advice, in public bids and contracts or to submit bids and to get contracts for the development of works, financial, goods roots, tactical, strategic or business synergies, mergers or partnerships, acquisition of companies, administrative and operational, as well as consultancy services on incentives to direct foreign investment, real estate and financial in Panama and economic advice, and representation Legal or through Power to represent legally, also as realization of all kinds of contracts, international, detailed and generic, macro or standard, international business, foreign trade or world markets, import, export, transit, franchising, e-commerce, B2B, and P2P. To the order to assist you legally. I am a Banking and Commercial Lawyer of Panama, Financial Operator, Advisor of Business and Personal Patrimonies, specialist in Corporate Law. The provision of my legal services are based on fiscal transparency and would finance, in the sense of not favoring or facilitating illicit activities or terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering, trafficking in white women, government corruption, or weapons of mass destruction, either conventional, chemical or nuclear. I defend the principle of freedom of enterprise and private initiative in the face of the measures that affect them. I will do my best in performance so that you have a good experience as my client. For my part, you know that you will have personalization of my services, integrity, exceed your expectations, there will be timely resolution, time management and empathy. That is, outstanding or excep

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