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Investor profile

Investor type

Investing in own interest and as investment consultant

Investment interests

Asset class

Private capital

Investment vehicle

  • Pooled investments
  • Foundations
  • Investment club
  • Direct investments
  • Without any legal structure
  • In a legal structure (e.g., stocks, bonds)
  • Investment company
  • Co-Investment
  • Miscellaneous direct investments
  • Managed account/bespoke portfolio
  • Segregated/managed accounts
  • Structured products
  • Investment products
  • Leverage products
  • Derivatives (non-structured products)
  • Options
  • Other investment vehicles

Investment focus

  • Not relevant/no specific focus
  • Sustainable Investing
  • Negative Screening (SRI Exclusion Criteria)
  • Impact Investment
  • Medical Research
  • Cancer research
  • Diabetes research
  • Miscellaneous medical research
  • Employment Generation
  • Green Technology/Cleantech
  • Environmental Markets and Sustainable Real Asset
  • Miscellaneous Environmental impact
  • Access to Basic Services
  • Affordable Housing
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Community Facilities/Infrastructure
  • Digital Access, Media, Technology
  • Education
  • Energy (Access)
  • Health
  • Water
  • Access to Finance
  • Community Lending
  • Medium Enterprises
  • Microfinance (Other Services)
  • Microfinance (Microcredit)
  • Small Enterprises/SGBs
  • Trade Finance
  • Sustainable Consumer Products
  • Food Products/Organics
  • Green Consumer Products/Services
  • Green Technology/Cleantech
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy, Fuels & Generation
  • Materials Science
  • Transportation/Infrastructure
  • Waste Management Recycling
  • Water Technologies
  • Environmental Markets and Sustainable Real Assets
  • Carbon & Environmental Commodities
  • Conservation Finance
  • Green Real Estate/Green Building
  • Sustainable Land Use (Agriculture or Forestry)
  • Water Quality & Rights Trading
  • Other
  • Diversified in Impact Investing
  • Thematic Investments
  • Strategy (Outcome-Oriented)
  • Risk-Based
  • Return-Based
  • Efficient Portfolios
  • Underlying Company Focus
  • Market Cap Focus
  • Quality Factors
  • Enhanced Indexing
  • Dynamic Indexing

Considered legal/investment requirements

The investment should be available for

Qualified/accredited investor from: Switzerland


Both possible


Insurance Nexus activities: Marketing

James Power activities: Marketing & Partnership Executive
James Power
Marketing & Partnership Execut

Charlotte Jennings activities: Project Director, Marketing Assistant
Charlotte Jennings
Marketing Assistant

Garth Jones activities: Marketing Assistant
Garth Jones
Marketing Assistant

Suzannah Gabriel activities: Marketing Assistant
Suzannah Gabriel
Marketing Assistant

Charlotte Jennings activities: Marketing

Kate Rayner activities: Marketing Assistant
Kate Rayner
Marketing Assistant

Sasha Marks activities: Marketing Manager
Sasha Marks
Marketing Manager

Claire Tillotson activities: , , , , , , Global Project Director - Sustainability
Claire Tillotson
Global Project Director - Sustainability

Sam Riina activities: marketing assistant
Sam Riina
marketing assistant

Thomas Vaughan activities: Marketing Assistant
Thomas Vaughan
Marketing Assistant

Ayesha Hashmi activities: Conference Producer
Ayesha Hashmi
Conference Producer

Georgia Hayward activities: Marketing Assistant
Georgia Hayward
Marketing Assistant

Sofia Mazur activities: Marketing Executive
Sofia Mazur
Marketing Executive