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Revelations Isambulo Holdings Pty Ltd

Public company; Founded in 2011
1 - 5 employees


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Property Development, Oil & Gas Supply, Mining Commodities

Recent Activities

Investment Funding for Five Mega Projects for South Africa

10 June 2019


Letter of Intent


Business Funding for project development with Revelations Isambulo Holding (Pty) Ltd


                   Good Day, Investor Partners,


 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to write for and we really appreciate that.


We, Revelations Isambulo Holdings (Pty) Ltd from South Africa, hereby request for business investment funding for our company in the following projects in Gauteng, South Africa for development of International Airport and Airline business, University City, Biodiesel Manufacturing Faculties Plants and Smart City Reality property development. 




Revelations Isambulo Holdings is South African company based in Johannesburg registered in 2011, Our Company is currently busy with 5 major projects:


  • Biofuel Plants
  • Cargo and Commercial Airport
  • University City
  • Commercial Airline
  • Smart City Reality Property Development


At this current moment, we require Investment funding of $ 20 billion USD from the period for 10-15 years payback period.

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Christine Moon

Client Relations Manager at Swiss Growth Forum

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Martin Signer

Managing Director at 4Finance

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