A Short But Comprehensive Guide to Small Business Marketing in 2021!

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Aug 6, 2021

Small business owners who’ve not received good results with digital marketing might get fed up with the large number of digital marketing plans which have been taking their toll on you. Undoubtedly, everyone owning a business will have an enthusiastic attitude towards their business. However, they may feel overstretched due to work. Several tasks need your attention, as you must carry out a lot of work that differentiates you from your competitors to have a win-win situation. 

For example, you need to work completely on brand awareness. The first rule of digital marketing is producing quality content. 

Additionally, you have to enhance your outreach to your customers through various methods. It means having to expand your email list. Moreover, you need to spread the word about your company to its potential customers. You have to generate the leads for turning them into loyal customers and purchases.

Though you are only a small or medium-sized company, you have to manage many mammoth tasks within your limited budget. It may not be possible to go for costly consultations and recommendations.

When your budget is limited, you cannot be building an in-house team as it takes a considerable amount of resources, effort, and money.

The most important thing is making your plan. And for this, you need to have your plan of small business marketing. First of all, you need to set your business goals and then make a step-by-step plan to take off. This will get you through various aspects and also function as a solid plan for success. Whether you want to take to tech integrated digital marketing or a mix of inbound marketing and outbound marketing, you must consider important factors.

Evaluation of your business: Your business’s current state will help you form your current business strategy. If you are start-up, you might have to start from scratch due to the limited business funds. If you want to invest in digital marketing, having comprehensive knowledge to set up your digital marketing budget is important. However, for an integrated marketing plan, you have to focus on:

  • Market research

  • Product evaluation

  • Promotion

If you are an established business which has now flattened up, what are the things you need to do?

Now, here is what you need to do.

You have to: 

  • Improve your product or services.

  • Increase order sizes.

For this, you need to discover how to break into the markets

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make the most of the networks. 

Apart from online retail, you also need to improve your service or products with drop shipping. You must plan your business and work accordingly.

Your marketing plan will also depend on the stage of your business.

The next steps

Watch your competitors: Keep in mind that you are not the only business in town. There are similar businesses that are vying the customers for the same products you are offering. You must understand the strengths and the weaknesses and identify the gaps that your competitors have missed covering.

You need to fill the gaps, and this will help you to smile all along the way.

Thorough competitor analysis is important to sharpen your strategy to make its products or services stand out. Moreover, you should also weigh your product quality and find about the uniqueness of the products. Keep in mind that even the smartest marketing won’t make your customers turn to a crappy product.

Mapping your potential customers: It is important to know about the potential customers and go beyond the demographics. There can be several product-related problems associated with this. Discover the places they want to search for the products or services when they are online or offline. It is always helpful to know the exact persona of your ideal buyer. You should also be aware of the various customer acquisition strategies as well. 

Crafting in-depth buyer personas will help you to market the laser-focused messages which resonate with your potential buyers.

Create your marketing goals: You need to stay focused, and setting growth goals will help you do this all along your journey. Ideally, it is best to keep 1-2 goals and set 3-4 sub gaols.

Setting clear goals helps to increase your chances of success.

Setting a budget: The money already present can help you to make more money. So, if you initially set your budget, it will help you allocate the right amount of funds to each task which needs your attention and work. Now you make a plan which addresses the different parts of goal setting.

Guidelines for setting project budget by US Small Business Administration

Marketing and advertising: 7-8% of your gross revenue. (> 5 million revenue sales) for less than 10-12 % expenses.

When the plan takes off and starts showing results, you can increase your budget. You can revise and fine-tune the budget as needed at each step.

Planning a custom  marketing strategy as per requirement

After making a plan and allocating the budget, it is time to create the right strategy. They include: 

  • Inbound marketing: See what your way is to reach out to customers through digital marketing aspects like content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and branding.

  • Outbound marketing: The other part is going after customers through advertisement channels like TV commercials, cold calling, flyers, radio channels or trade shows.

It is useful to make use of both the marketing channels. With outbound marketing, you can get quick results. But it is costlier than inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is a low-cost endeavour and takes off slowly. But once it starts producing results, it quickly multiplies and generates higher revenue.

Inbound marketing offers several other advantages apart from being low cost and offering long-term and consistent improvement such as:

  • Providing for interactive, two-way communication.

  • You get customers via search engines.

  • Allowing the markets to provide value to the end customers

  • Marketers take to modes of entertainment or education of customers.

Inbound marketing is an invasive form of marketing, and it provides for the strategy suitable for your business.

The most popular inbound marketing strategies include:

  • SEO

  • Content marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Social media marketing

SEO and content marketing are highly interrelated, and they involve using your website as the advertising tool, rather, a trust earning tool for your business. The business owner will use the website to build their authority in the market and show their field expertise. It means that you will be marketing and persuading customers to purchase without being salesy.

SEO involves making your website search engine friendly; rather, it involves convincing the search engine about the usefulness of your website’s content for the searchers. Moreover, it also requires portraying that your business products as offering value and making a difference. Using content generated by you and also the customer-generated content, these two goals are achieved. The better the experience the site can offer the searchers, the more Google loves it. There are many facets you need to consider while taking care of inbound marketing. SEO involves many techniques which help to make a website user-friendly and search engine-friendly. Therefore internal linking is also an essential part of SEO as much as external linking.

Content marketing: There is a lot of data and research to support that content marketing works most positively. So, what does it help with?

  • It helps to build trust:81% of the consumers will trust the information in the blogs. More than 83% of the people do not like to go for advertisements and rather consider them disruptive. 

  • Generates a higher number of leads:  It is seen that small businesses having blogs will receive 16% more leads rather the outbound marketing. Moreover, content marketing can generate nearly three times as many leads as outbound marketing.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Outbound marketing will cost nearly 6% less than outbound marketing. It also gives three times more profit than outbound marketing. There is no need to dole out a large expenditure for outbound marketing regularly.

More reasons why inbound marketing is good

Educational content generates higher trustworthiness. Moreover, it proves better than traditional marketing. There is a lot of supporting data to show the same.

  • 70% of the internet users are interested in learning about the products through comprehensive content in place of wanting to buy products through traditional advertising.

  • 75% of the people want to find local and helpful information in their search results before deciding in favor of a local buying store.

The power of content: The content can move people down the funnel, and it generally comes in different shapes and sizes, including blogs, case studies, videos, infographics, pdfs, ebooks, presentations, and slides.

A sitemap builder will help to create a sitemap for discovering new pages quickly on your site. Moreover, it will be easy for you to put out the content. Only with a solid content strategy can you generate loads of content while having clear intentions. Strategically placed keywords in creatively and craftily prepared content will help you to make the mark.

What your SEO content copy must include?

Before we go further on SEO content, you must understand what an SEO content strategy should include. SEO strategy gets applied after an analysis using the right tools and techniques and getting complete metrics information. All these elements form the pillar of organizational organic marketing strategy

A captivating subject line

A straightforward and simple line infused with some emotion will help you garner the customer’s attention better. You’re more likely to get a cold shoulder from your customers if you sound too complicated and cryptic.

Value-driven and beneficial: People will always question their minds about what is in for them? Your content should show them how they can benefit from the message so that they read the copy you’ve generated. This is the content that will help you to get high-authority links to your website. Ultimately, long-form value-driven content builds your site’s authoritativeness.

When you are writing content for email marketing, you require short content. On the other hand, for website content formation for content, you will use for guest posting, you require long-form and skimmable content that fairs well on readability scores. 

Always put the most important part of the content initially, especially if it targeted on population which is starved on time.  You require a shorter subject line of 5-9 words to communicate your message fully. It is necessary to ensure that the subject line is free from spammy words in your email; otherwise, spam filters won’t allow it to pass ahead. This includes words like accept credit cards, marketing solutions act now, and big bucks.

Having a strong call to action in your content is extremely important

A CTA is a strong action you want your users to take as they go through your content. It should align with the business goal you want to achieve. For example, do you want them to

  • Download a resource.

  • Join your list.

  • Register for a webinar.

  • Schedule a free strategy call.

How to use the CTA to make the most of it?

Your CTA should be clear and compelling, concise, simple, attractive, and repeated so that users do not have to reach out too far to act on it.

Social media marketing: You have to make things just a bit more interesting regarding social media marketing. This means you need to create content that directly tugs the readers’ heartstrings.

A good social media marketing strategy requires you to do the following things:

  • Show up

  • Listen to them

  • Speak to them

  • Be your self

  • Be helpful

  • Set a shop to help them buy

It will generally be a well-formulated SEO strategy clubbed with the right paid advertisements strategy, which will help you earn your customers’ trust. 

And this type of an integrated digital marketing campaign can give great insights into how well you will be performing in your social media strategy.

If you are more in for a paid advertising strategy, then here is what you need to do.

  • Facebook Ads crash course

  • Define your goals

  • Narrow down your targets

  • Create the right number of ads

  • Tweak and test

  • Direct traffic to landing page

  • Keep targeting non-buyers again and again

Therefore, it is most important to use the best techniques to increase the organic traffic volume. If you do not want to have your own in-house team for the same, you will need to go for the right SEO marketing company. The SEO company you need for your campaign should be reputable and have earned great trust, and have a great profile. Making the right choice for outsourcing an SEO company is essential. Read here to find what your SEO company must have.

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