Benefits of NFTs in Gaming

Aug 18, 2021

Many NFTs use Ethereum blockchain and it is also prevalent on many networks such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), EOS, TRON, and more.

Listed here are the benefits of NFTs in the gaming industry.


In traditional games, the in-game purchases are non-transferable and this one-time investment remains locked up in the single gaming world.

But with NFTs gaming environment, the players grant ownership rather than game developers. With blockchain technology, gamers can save, sell or move in-game purchases to any of the other supported games.


All the traditional games available online exist on single servers which are centralized and thus make it complex to communicate & share in-game assets with others. But in decentralized games, the blockchain acts as a framework for all other interconnected games. This makes the decentralized game assets which are represented as NFTs that are designed to be interoperable across various environments.

For Eg: Two games that are built on Ethereum can support for same in-game assets such as vehicles, armor, or all the available characters.


If any traditional online games are shut down, the players lose all their in-game purchases.NFTs exist independently of any specific game and live on the blockchain itself. Such in-game purchases can be bought & sold whatever happens to the game and the new games can be designed to the existing blockchain protocols.

These NFTs based blockchain gaming assets can not be duplicated because of their permanent records.

Provable Scarcity

The blockchain or distributed public ledger validates the uniqueness and number of each NFTs and its ownership history.

Collectors value rarity, the scarcity of in-game NFT Purchases, and authenticity are provable via the immutable records embedded with NFTs blockchain.


Bitcoins like cryptocurrencies are divisible into smaller units and intended to be used as a medium of exchange. But the NFTs must be bought, sold, and saved as a unit that is indivisible.

NFTs in gaming can have a lot of benefits and listed above are the major benefits of usage of NFTs in the gaming medium.

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