Facebook Rebranded As Meta Is About To Support NFT Metaverse

Article about Facebook Rebranded As Meta Is About To Support NFT Metaverse

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Nov 1, 2021

So, What is the Prime Reason behind this Rebranding ?

Meta is actually derived from the phrase Metaverse,
Experts predict that the one and only reason behind this massive swift is Non Fungible Tokens, NFTs. 
Meta would emerge as the most powerful social network, which is going to change the lifestyle of each and every human with the influence of NFTs and of course Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality plays the major role here.

Wonder How ? Let’s get into it.

What is Facebook Meta ?

Meta, the next big chapter of facebook is considered as the social Technology Company, that brings various apps and technologies under this new brand. The prime focus is to bring a metaverse in the life of every person. It supports 3 Dimensional Views as well as augmented reality. It is considered as the evolutionary project in the social media network. 

Meta in the Eyes of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind meta, says that their vision is to build an interconnected digital space where people can experience things which they can't do in the real world. This Platform connects people with each other, no matter where they physically present, with augmented reality, they feel togetherness.
It is not designed for one purpose, meta is going to connect with us in every aspects of life like Education, Business, Fitness, Gaming etc, 

Mind Blowing Features of Meta

Horizon Home
Virtual Reality Messenger Calls
Presence Platform
The Future and NFTs

In the above mentioned features, The most common thing is NFTs, NFTs are projected in every step but in a different context. For Instance, In the Horizon game feature, the virtual house, Land and other accessories  would be the NFTs. The same is obviously applied in gaming, the equipment, characters, guns, etc, used in the gaming platforms would transform as NFTs.

If Meta hits massive success, it is also the success of NFTs which opens the door wider for Non Fungible Token. And eventually, buying and selling the NFTs would be our daily routine!
You can really expect the unexpected with the launch of Meta!

Who We Are ?

Bitdeal, Being the prominent NFT Development Companyin the Crypto Industry for a decade, we are excited with  the announcement of Facebook and looking forward to the launch of Meta. Our research team has started to analyze the pros and cons that this meta would bring to the overall crypto market and Individuals.

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