Launch your own Dex platform using Decentralized Exchange Script:

Article about Launch your own Dex platform using Decentralized Exchange Script:

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Jul 28, 2021

In the Existing system we are using the Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange. Some risk factors are there in the existing system such as Hacking risk and Transaction fees. Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is a method used to recover from this risk. Now,We will look at how DEX works, why DEX should be used, and the benefits of using DEX

How Decentralized Exchange Works:

Decentralized Exchange Works on Different Approaches. The Transactions are complete without an intermediator. DEX supports only Crypto - Crypto Trading. It’s not Support Fiat-Cryptocurrency Trading. In Dex everything is based on Smart Contract.

Atomic Swap :Atomic Swap is a technology for secure exchange of cryptocurrencies without the need to trust a third party. Atomic Swap as secure as cryptographic primitives and blockchain implementation its based on

On-Chain Order Book :In Some DEX Platforms, everything is run on-chain. Every order is written to the blockchain. This is the most transparent approach, as you are not trusting an intermediator to relay the orders to you and there is no way to confuse them.

Automated Market Maker : Automated Market Maker is a method that provides liquidity to the exchange it controls through automated trading.

Why use Decentralized Exchange


Control Over your Funds


Financial Inclusiveness

Advantages of Using DEX



Decentralized Server

Privacy :The Transactions made on DEX share no data with the intermediator. If you want to sign up for Centralized exchanges you need to provide personal information such as email, id proof and number. There is no KYC Verification in DEX Platform

Security :The Main Purpose of creating DEX is You can Control your own digital assets in secure manner

Decentralized Server :In Dex all the datas is stored on various servers around the world. It distributes functions among several machines, instead of relying on a single central server.

What Bitdeal Provides:

Decentralized Exchange Script

Decentralized Exchange Software

Decentralized Exchange Application

DeFi-Based Dex

Smart Contract Development

Crypto Wallet Development

Bitdeal’s Decentralized Exchange Script Features :

Multiple Crypto


Wallets Integration

Quick and Safe

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Published: Sep 8, 2021