10 Best Book Mockups to Use in 2020

Article about 10 Best Book Mockups to Use in 2020

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Jun 18, 2021

Book mockups are a type of mockup that can help you create a better user experience for your website and product marketing.


There are so many great book mockups out there, yet most of them are not being used. You can create a full-blown book layout template from scratch or use stock images.


From my experience, using Book Mockups can provide your sales leverages and competitive advantage. We all have heard this phrase thousands of times before, and here I am repeating it again, "What they see, they buy."


Therefore, through your fantastic mockup, you have an opportunity to showcase your work and create interest in your content by engaging with the right audience.


Here are some of the advantages of Book mockups:


·         They are more powerful than ever. It gives you the insight to think about your books design, sales and marketing strategy, development, etc.

·         Book mockup sets are functional, aesthetic, and help when making a mockup of your book.

·         Book mockup is easy to make, or you can hire professional services like professional ghostwriting services to create mockups for your book.

·         Any image or text size you want will be possible to fit pdf on this template set. Users can edit book features in predefined layers. They can save mockup tags like title, author name, synopsis.

·         Book mockups help you publish better


Some Tips for the Book Mockups:


Many writers skip this utmost important marketing step because they rely on their editing skills and research. However, having good mockups of the book will be extremely helpful in creating mass awareness of the book.


In business today, fashion and content of all kinds show up in almost every corner. With that comes the need for mockups as well. It is their purpose to show off ideas effectively so that others can copy them or refer back to them if something was missed or misunderstood.


Remember you have published your book, and now it is the time to showcase them in front of the thousands of people. How are you going to do it exactly? You will do it by engaging their senses and capture their attention.


The best book mockups to use in 2020 may differ based on the topic of the book. To have a high-quality book mockup, you need to research before planning out your book and then to get in touch with professional illustrators.


So you are thinking of creating a brand new website, but how do you know which mockup is best. You could go through tons of mockups, but what will be the results? Well, this article will provide you with the best list of book mockups that can be used as the basis for your website.


·         Hardcover Book (Mockup) on the Table with Coffee cup and other Gadgets

·         A girl pulling the book (Mockup) from her bag, showing the front cover of the book

·         A book lying on the floor with the front cover with flowers scattered around the book

·         Book Mockup set of the Kitchen top, with Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and Masala placed around, is suitable for the cooking book.

·         Two to three book lying on the towel randomly in no particular order showing the name of the book.

·         A boy showing the book front and back cover by hiding his face behind the book mockup

·         A girl reading the book mockup with a coffee cup on the side

·         A little girl showing half of her smiling face and the front page of the book mockup

·         3D Hardcover book mockup with aesthetic designs

·         Beautiful PSD hardcover book design mockup standing on the table with front and back cover.

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Published: Jun 18, 2021