11 Expert, Facebook Ad Design Secrets to Increase Conversions (+ Examples)

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John Phil activities: Digital Executive

Jun 23, 2021

Even if you imagine, you have everything for your Facebook ads and yet you fail at it?

What you possibly fail at is, the inability to convert your effort into conversion rate turning into revenue as your fortune!

JanBask Digital Design is an industry expert to help you with the 11 secrets. These 11 secrets will help you to convert your Facebook ad into business!

Here is a tour of your great Facebook ad design, that has a fortune. 

This article speaks about designing a Facebook ad and 11 tips that help you increase customer conversion rate.

It will also guide the complete process of the Facebook ad design industry!

Let us know Facebook ad design practices.

Here is a list of Facebook ad design strategy

A colorful ad attracts the viewer.

Add company value proportion to facebook design

Look at ads that contrast with the news feed.

Avoid inappropriate size videos and images. Let the reader sink in your content in an organic fashion

A good Facebook ad is a simple, focused, and clear presentation of your marketing message.

Furthermore, the article will search for answers to an important ad design challenge- how to create effective Facebook ads?

Facebook ad strategy:

Let us know the 11 secrets that enable you to convert Facebook ad design to consumer conversions.

Check your 11 secrets below

Clear Value proportion: Your unique selling power is the heart of your company. Your value proportion is what makes the market drivers. When in ad marketing, you should ensure you have your USP, not only mentioned but also noticed and FedX has mastered this secret. Its slogan quotes “when it absolutely, positively, has to be there overnight. This defines your value proportion and also pitches your marketing deal to the customer at a glance. It is important to handle this element carefully with high creativity and attractive design.

Ad format: If you are designing a Facebook ad, then you must be careful about your ad format. It has a fixed pattern and therefore you need to utilize the maximum of it for the visual message you wish to provide. As an example, Henge Docks has beautifully represented its family of docking devices with its dual imagery. Check this below

Call to action: You need a precise call to action to demand and drive the reader to the desired input for your business. This plays a major role in contributing to a high rise in customer conversions. Babble uses its CTA with its marketing trick, “learn a language today, speak tomorrow” and CTA as (Learn more). This has a clear direction but also an element of a trigger. These elements in your Facebook marketing will prove to change the way you look at Facebook ads.

Consistency in the landing page: The similarity between the Facebook ad and the landing page of your website is a significant tip. It will help you attract customers with high engagement. The customer stays connected with your landing page if it lands on a similar set of CTA, background, and format. In the case of Wix, you have the opportunity to learn the same. This trick has been working for almost all Facebook ads. There is also a fact that in this Facebook advertising of Wix, a clear idea is provided that help the reader for more                    

Àppropriate image size: When you are designing a Facebook ad, Perfection in size and format is really important. It is also noticed that the engagement rate of the reader changes as you disturb the fit-size images. This can be easily observed with security. It could place its image, information and design, all in one place. This helps the viewer to have clarity about the ad pitch.

Right images: For an error-free selection of images, you are blessed with a Facebook resource center. It provides many hacks to stand apart from the crowd. Also, your image must grab the reader’s attention. Furthermore, Facebook ads recommend using high-quality images, avoiding long text, and focusing on the product or service offered in your Facebook ad.

Color psychology: Of Course, color plays a major role in marketing. It has a significant function of grabbing the reader’s eye, explains your brand identity and the emotional connection of your product. The Xero ads have a blue color combination that creates a contrast. This helps the center image get highlighted. Check the advertisement and know your secrets on how to make good Facebook ads. Also, this benefits you with ad branding communicating with the consumer directly.

Video tricks:There are very few videos played on Facebook with sound. Headspace for meditation uses this very hook and made its video with text and illustration. It kept the ad short but sweet. As an added advantage, it has a clear message to the target audience. Well, as you proceed, you have  your input with a call to action objective

Carousel ad: If you are looking forward to maintaining your brand and turn it into a sensation, a carousel ad is your thing. Hello, fresh had been dominating its Facebook advertisement via its multi-colored and tempting food dish. 

Target specific ads: You know your product and brand, all you need is your product alignèd with the customer’s need. There is no base for getting raincoats in summer. In the case of Boredwalk, it has kept its target clear and standing out to the core product domain

Reader-friendly Facebook ad video: The Facebook ad video does not let you skip the short period. This explains that the advertisement had been only for Facebook. Furthermore, your hook for the customer is essentially important to make the video in your ad eye-catchy and has a  justified value proportion


The article has taken a deep toll on the Facebook ad and how to make it more effective for your customer and self too!

The article has also helped with 11 tricks and directives that assist in facebook tools and ad making. This explains the brand identity and best practices for customer experience.

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