30 Salesforce Bloggers You Need to Follow Right Now!

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John Phil activities: Digital Executive

Jul 28, 2021

Salesforce! One of the populous platforms for Customer relationship management service platform and a giant fish in cloud computation Technology.

And, you have already stepped inside the salesforce world, you would surely be interested to know everything thats happening around you. 


Salesforce Bloggers are a perfect combination of techie, info-centric, analytical, and wit.

The best way to stay around the ever-changing Salesforce domain is following Salesforce Influencer.

By now, you may be scratching your head around the web for good bloggers.

This article is all about Salesforce Bloggers, you can count on this article.

30 Salesforce Bloggers for you!

Find the best 30 Salesforce Bloggers as you reach the end of the article.

  1. Sunnah Hughes is one of the active voices in Salesforce Technology. She has a great contribution for insights in Salesforce

  2. David Liu: His blog will surely flower you with Salesforce inspiration. He wrote many Salesforce success stories. Are you looking for Salesforce success stories around the community? Here is your thing. You need David Liu

  3. Ben McCarthy is one of the finest salesforce blogging that had been covering tutorials, breakdown, and cultural exploration of the Salesforce community

  4. Phil Weinmister: he shares salesforce platform strength on online mode!

  5. Sakhtivel Madesh had been a great resource for certified professional who has a hands-on attitude

  6. Marry Scotton: A developer in Salesforce and professional in the tech industry. She has great insight on how to get inclusive on tech

  7. Oliver Hansen: This is a must blog. He has collected all salesforce blog in one place giving you a stop solution for all forms of resources

  8. Erico Murru: Get tutorials explaining technology insights with a wide array of topics

  9. James Goerke: This guy is the hardworking symbol of salesforce blogging. It helps specifically for salesforce admin with troubleshooting management measures

  10. Luc Iyer: Luc gives a seamless experience of his working experience in the Product team and managing portfolio. He  has good command over customer orientation

  11. Louise Lockie: A London based salesforce blogger, with the expertise of 7 years in multiple roles that range from Salesforce Admin to Architect

  12. Chris Edwards is Salesforce weekly blogger. He has been a 13x certified Salesforce MVP. He gives cutting-edge technology insight with market understanding. You surely don’t want to miss this!

  13. Rakesh Gupta: The blog Automation Champion is a tool for salesforce Admin and developers. This blog has good insight and personal inputs towards salesforce training

  14. Lain Clements: Lain has been an active social media Salesforce Influencer for salesforce expertise along with facilitating his expertise on configuration and product development

  15. Smriti Sharan: Smriti, a certified Salesforce Developer, blogger, and Youtuber. She is a consistent learner of new tools of salesforce

  16. Jina Anne describes herself as a “consultant, community builder and advocates focused on design system”.She has also been involved in design conference hosting.

  17. Johan Yu: The blog Simply SDFC has transformed Yuans blogging identity as a thought leader in Salesforce Space

  18. Praneel PIDIKITI: Follow this blog for information and tutorial in the easiest way around

  19. Brent Downey: His blog, Admin Hero is a torchbearer in Salesforce World. He has introduced Zero to Hero Program which is an eccentric guide for a newbie in tech to become a professional administrator

  20. Andrew Fawcett: If you are looking for a knowledge-based blog rather than a resource-centric one, Andrew has everything covered for you!

  21. Keir Bowden is a strong statement in the salesforce tech domain for his Visual Development Cookbook and valuable insights as a blogger for professionals and newcomers.

  22. Bill Powell: A member of GifSquad, Powell is a strong name in Salesforce. He unleashes his personal experience and Salesforce learning. You are loving this!

  23. Melinda Smith: A multidimensional blogger being a passionate Trailblazer, Two wit podcast co-host, and ‘GifSquad co-founder gives out many interesting success stories inside Salesforce

  24. Sagar Sindhi: He is new, but not a novice. You will enjoy his past journey and surely would be in your future Salesforce feeds. He made up to JanBask list and that means he’s here to stay! Follow him now!

  25. Chris Gardner is a 24x certified Salesforce consultant giving his services for the implementation partner Simplus. This is a high-value resource blog. You won’t afford to miss this

  26. Phil Walton is more than just a blogger. Phil is a leader for user groups and multiple-time MVP. he gives great personal insight on his salesforce research and experience  

  27. Meighan Brodkey: This blogger is good for Admin and Developer, sharing the know-how of salesforce functioning and what is a mandatory business in salesforce

  28. Jitendra Zaa is a Salesforce MVP. Also, a  Sr Technical Architect at Bluewolf which is an IBM company, his blog has a hardcore view tech perspective concerning salesforce

  29. Tom Blamire: A member of #GifSquad, Tom is a consistent icon of the salesforce community. With this blogger, you get knowledge with high-end research. Once you are around Tom’s Blog, you are hitched!

  30. Jodi Wagner: A women activist and Project Lead, she manages multiple user groups, she has high-value experience for her online support towards salesforce growth!

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