4 Most Effective Kratom Strains For Pain And Anxiety

Article about 4 Most Effective Kratom Strains For Pain And Anxiety

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Oct 20, 2021


Many people suffer from chronic pain and anxiety at some point in their life. There are several over-the-counter drugs that health experts recommend to try and solve the issue, but they may not be quite effective.  

Kratom is an effective drug that serves several purposes, but it’s mainly used in relieving pain and anxiety. There are different kinds of Kratom strains, and this may be pretty difficult for a beginner to choose an effective strain to help treat their issues.  

Kratom Strains that are effective in treating anxiety and pain 


If you are looking for a more herbal approach in treating your anxiety and pain, consider the following strains: 

  1. Maeng Da Kratom 


Maeng Da Kratom is a red vein strain that is powerful and popular in the medical industry. The strain originates from Indonesia. Notably, many farmers and laborers who experience back pains during work use the strain to feel better and boost their energy. Besides that, it helps users relax; thus, you can use it to reduce anxiety 


The Maeng Da Kratom plant is an interbreed of several strains that help manage different kinds of pain. Therefore, you can use it to treat joint inflammation and pain caused by physical exertion. Furthermore, the strain does not affect your attention span, making it easy for you to continue with your daily activities after taking it.  

  1. Red Bali Kratom 


Red Bali Kratom is a potent strain that has a combined effect of improving your mood and relieving pain. The Red Bali Kratom is a variety of the Kratomkrush strains that originate from Bali. When taken in low doses, it acts as a stimulant, and in higher doses, it boosts your energy. Notably, in all kinds of doses, the Bali strain will be a good mood enhancer.  

Taking the strain will take about 6 hours for your pain to go away, making it the best Kratom strain in removing pain. In addition, it is easy for users to tolerate the strain, preventing their bodies from reacting badly with it.  


  1. Red Borneo 


Red Borneo is another type of red vein Kratom that comes in powder form and helps relieve pain. However, the strain takes more time than Maeng Da to work, but it's still a practical option. It helps treat different kinds of muscle aches and headaches. Besides that, it consists of long-lasting effects which will help in treating chronic diseases like fibromyalgia. 


Moreover, Red Borneo does not cause drowsiness and has calming effects, which help improve mental clarity and ease anxiety. It also helps improve your socializing skills and concentration span. For better results, you can take the strain daily because it has no side effects. 

  1. Green Malay 


Green Malay is a popular choice among many customers looking for a strain that is both fast and effective. The strain helps people who are experiencing much pain to get back on their feet. It also helps them feel relaxed by reducing the stress and anxiety they are going through. You can use Green Malay if you suffer from chronic aches that make you stiff and limit your movement.  

How Kratom helps with pain and anxiety 


There are several alkaloids present in Kratom, which help remove pain. The main component found in an alkaloid is Mitragynine which turns into an analgesic when it reaches the human body. The analgesic’s main function is relieving pain; therefore, Kratom works similarly to other pain killers. The Mitragynine also interacts with receptors found in the brain, and they send a message to the body which allows you to relax.  


What Is The Right Dosage Of Kratom?  


If you are a beginner, you should start with small amounts of Kratom and gradually increase the dosage. By doing that, you will help your body build a tolerance to Kratom. There is no specific dosage for all Kratom strains, and factors determine the correct dose for you. They include: 


  • Type of strain: Some strains, such as the red vein, require low amounts to help treat pain. 

  • Purpose of the strain: It would be best to know what problem you want to treat using the Kratom strain before getting a dosage.  




Although Kratom is helpful, some groups of people can't take it, and they include: 

  •  Children 

  • Nursing women 

  • Breastfeeding mothers 



The best strain for both anxiety and pain relief is the red vein Kratom. However, you can use other strains listed above because they are all effective. It would be best to consult your doctor to help you develop an appropriate prescription for Kratom. There is still ongoing research to discover other medicinal benefits of Kratom, and you can research on the internet the best places you can purchase your Kratom. So, consult your doctor before consuming this herbal supplement. 

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