5 Activities Incorporated During Software Development

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Nov 19, 2021

Software Development is considered a very important thing these days. This is because software development plays an imperative role in making or destroying a company's image. Therefore, all the companies look for the best software development companies to create flawless software.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you the list of five main activities incorporated during the software development process.

Identification of need

The foundations of ideas for the software product are abundant. You can attain these ideas from market research. This includes a creative third party, internal software development staff, sales predictions that rejected the product, existing customers, and possibly new customers. These ideas for software products are initially evaluated by the marketing personnel for the following reasons.

·         Economic feasibility

·         Fit with the current channel distribution

·         Possible impact on the current product lines

·         Required features

·         Fit with the company’s marketing aims

During the phase of marketing evaluation, the time and the cost assumptions are evaluated. A decision is reached early in the initial phase based on comprehensive information produced by the development and the marketing staff. After this step, the project should be taken to the other step.

Planning Process

Planning is the main objective of each and every activity. This is the point where we want to discover the things that must be entailed in the project. One of the most significant tasks in developing a software program is requirement analysis and taking out the requirements. Customers usually have an abstract idea regarding what they want as an end result. However, they do not know how the software performs. Experienced and skilled software engineers see contradictory, ambiguous and incomplete requirements at this point. Regularly demonstrating live code may assist to decrease the risk that the requirements are wrong.


The software design is established in a document after establishing the requirements. This encompasses a high-level or preliminary design of the main module with a general picture of how parts fit together. The hardware components, operating system, and language must all be known at this time. After this, a comprehensive or low-level design is developed. This is perhaps with a proof-of-concept or to strengthen the requirements.

Implementation, testing, and documenting

Implementation is an integral part of the procedure where software engineers actually program the project code. Then comes the software testing phase, which is an important phase of the software development procedure. This portion of the procedure guarantees that defects are pinpointed as early as possible. In some procedures, generally called test-driven development, tests are created prior to the implementation and act as a guide for implementation correctness.

Documenting is an internal software design with the purpose of maintenance and enhancement in the future done via development. This may encompass writing an API, be it external or internal. The software engineering process selected by the development team will determine the necessity of the internal documentation. Plan-driven models have more documentation in comparison to agile frameworks.

Deployment and Maintenance

Deployment begins quickly after testing the code appropriately, approving it for release. This is otherwise distributed or sold to the production environment. Perhaps this incorporates installation, modification, testing, and probably an extended evaluation period.  Modification is done by setting parameters for the customer's values. Software support and training are extremely significant because software is only effective if it is utilized correctly.  

Maintaining and improving software to manage the latest discovered requirements or flaws can take a great amount of effort and time. Perhaps missed requirements force redesigning of the software. In the majority of the cases maintenance is needed on a daily basis to rectify issues and keep the software working.


After viewing the discussion above, it can be said that if these five activities are incorporated honestly the software development companies can create flawless software.

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