5 Best Clubhouse Clone Apps for Android and iOS

Article about 5 Best Clubhouse Clone Apps for Android and iOS

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Nov 11, 2021

The clubhouse has almost taken over the digital world, amassing more than 10 million members in the previous few months. It has bought a next-level dimension to social media and is one of the few Facebook alternatives that allow users to engage with one another through speech. While the approach is not innovative, it is intriguing. All audio discussions are public, and anybody may listen in. Due to Clubhouse's innovative approach, people are flocking to the app and searching for more similar applications. Take note that although Clubhouse has now arrived for Android, it remains an invite-only service. Therefore, if you're interested in discovering some excellent Clubhouse options for Android and iOS, continue reading.

The Best Clubhouse Alternative Apps for Android and iOS 

We've accommodated a list of the best five Clubhouse alternatives for Android and iOS. You may quickly scan the list below and click on the appropriate link to get to the appropriate app.

1. Twitter Spaces App

Following the introduction of Clubhouse, it seems as if everyone agrees that Twitter should have set a precedent for this audio chat social network. Why? This is because Clubhouse operates on a similar concept to Twitter: practically everything is public. However, it was not until Clubhouse's entry into the mainstream that Twitter awoke from its sleep. Now, Twitter has introduced Spaces, a feature similar to Clubhouse but incorporated into Twitter alongside Fleets. While every Twitter user in India may host a Space, it is currently only accessible to individuals with more than 600 followers internationally.

Twitter Spaces may be accessed by hitting the "Compose" icon on Twitter and selecting Spaces. Bear in mind that, like Clubhouse, Spaces are open to the public, and anybody may participate in and listen to your Spaces. However, you have the option of inviting anybody to talk in your Twitter Space: Everyone, People you follow, or Only those you invite.

Additionally, only ten users may now have the speaking privilege. Following the conclusion of your Space, nothing will be publicly accessible, similar to Clubhouse. At the time, there was no audio recording capability available. Twitter will, however, maintain a copy of Spaces for 30 days in the event of a breach. Additionally, protected identities are unable to create Spaces but may join and listen to existing ones. If you're interested in learning how to utilize Twitter Spaces successfully, we recommend reading our linked tutorial.

2. Discord Voice Chat

Suppose you're simply using Discord for chatting or communicating with pals while gaming; you're losing out on a lot of fun. Discord has recently introduced Stage Channels as a replacement for Clubhouse. It's a new sort of channel introduced into Discord, similar to Clubhouse, where you may invite others to conduct a public talk.

Additionally, it has the same controls as Clubhouse. There is also a "raise hand" tool for listeners, which sends a request to the moderator, who may then choose to enable them to speak in Stage channels. Additionally, the moderator has several options; they may transfer a speaker to the audience group, delete somebody from the channel, and more.

What I enjoy about Discord Stage Channels is that you can mute your mic, dismiss users, and check who is speaking all from the main page. Many users encounter Clubhouse clone cannot see who is speaking and must scroll down to discover the speakers. That is inconvenient. Therefore, make a move and read our comprehensive instruction on how to utilize Stage Channels on Discord.

I'd think that Discord Stage Channels is a fantastic alternative to Clubhouse, and you should make use of it. Additionally, I like using Discord since it enables me to extend the functionality of Stage Channels via the usage of helpful Discord bots and music bots for Discord. If you're unsure how to add bots to your Discord server, you may refer to our simple instructions here.

 3. Facebook Live Audio App

We recently learned that Facebook was working on a hybrid of Clubhouse and Instagram Live called Hotline. Today, the firm announced the formal introduction of this functionality, dubbed Facebook Live Audio Rooms. Thus, Facebook Live Audio Rooms are now available. The principle is identical to that of Clubhouse — up to 50 individuals may talk on the same subject simultaneously. Additionally, Facebook Live Rooms allows hosts to create a fundraiser if they choose to promote a cause – something Clubhouse does not currently allow.

Facebook Live Rooms are now only accessible to certain public personalities and organizations on Facebook for iOS in the United States. The firm has not yet specified a date for the feature's broader rollout, but we can only hope that it occurs soon.

4. Telegram

Telegram, too, has jumped on the bandwagon, introducing 'Voice Chat' to replicate what Clubhouse does. It is not a separate application but is integrated within the Telegram client. Voice chat may be activated only by a group administrator or channel owner. Essentially, you must first form a group before you can begin using voice chat. Bear in mind that, in contrast to Clubhouse, which is open to the public and enables users to search for audio talks, Telegram does not.

It is only available to a group or channel members. Naturally, individuals may distribute the invite link or add anybody to a group in order to participate in the voice chat. I found Voice Chats to be rather intuitive during my short use, although it may improve with forthcoming upgrades. You may read our comprehensive tutorial on how to utilize Telegram voice conversations to have a better understanding of the process.

To summaries, if you are unable to access Clubhouse on Android, Telegram Voice Chat is a viable option.

5. Reddit Talk App

For those who often use Reddit, discovering like-minded individuals through audio chat in a sub Reddit may be the finest choice, maybe even better than Clubhouse. Known as Reddit Talk, this feature currently permits only moderators to host a discussion. The business has indicated that it is testing the service and may eventually expand Reddit Talk's reach.

Reddit Talk, like Clubhouse, enables sub Reddit moderators to initiate a public audio chat. Anyone is welcome to join the Discussion and may also request to speak. Additionally, the UI is similar to Clubhouse, which I like. In conclusion, if you are a Reddit member, Reddit Talk is an excellent program that has an audio social network similar to Clubhouse.

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