5 Essential On Page Optimization Factors You Need to Know

Article about 5 Essential On Page Optimization Factors You Need to Know

Jun 15, 2021

A lot has been said and emphasized about on page optimization. For any website, the main purpose is to lead the search, attract more users, convert the users into prospective customers. 


On page optimization plays a key role in achieving the above target. Considering it is a crucial SEO activity, we bring you 5 essential on page optimization factors that you need to know:



  1. Content: When we speak of SEO, content is the key. Especially when we speak of website optimization, content plays a key role. Content comprises keyword research which forms the base of all the content that would go on your digital presence. Keywords are your secret mascots who blend into your content to make your website grow the ranks of SEO. Once the keywords are in place, the next key element is the website content. Ensure that the content is crisp, informative and clear. Infuse the content with relevant keywords. 
  2. Tags and Links: If the content is key, tags are the tools that make this content search worthy. The first focus should be on the URL. Ensure that your website URL has the company name with few words that describe what you do and where you are located. Ensure that you have a good Title Tag as it is this tag that flashes on the search. Then comes Met description, the brief lines that flash below the Title Tag. These tags and links are the bridge that connects your website to the search engines.
  3. Speed: The above points play a key role in attracting users and the speed with which your website loads defines whether the user will actually visit the website. Therefore, ensure that your website is not heavy and takes time to load. 
  4. Design: Once the user lands on your website, ensure that your website design is attractive, the pages are well defined and the navigation is smooth and easy
  5. Interface: These days, life has shrunk to smartphones. Therefore, it has become imperative that you ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Therefore, while developing the website ensure and test that its mobile-friendly. 


Though on-page optimization encompasses a lot of elements, knowing the above 5 and implementing them is a must. However, if you are looking at detailed solutions, then hiring an SEO agency for the same is suggested. These agencies provide end-to-end SEO solutions for all businesses. 

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