6 Natural Remedies You Can Try For Dealing With Stress

Article about 6 Natural Remedies You Can Try For Dealing With Stress

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Oct 20, 2021

Lifestyle involves the behaviors, habits, interests, and cultural practices of an individual. With the advent of technology and digitalization, you will likely dive deeper into the fast-paced way of living. Further, it leads to constant stress and anxiety about the upcoming deadlines and leftover projects. You must prioritize your mental peace and look out for effective ways to de-stress. For such purposes, herbal remedies can be a tremendous anxiolytic and anti-stress aid. Some herbs like chamomile, lavender, and kratom can help induce much-needed relaxation.

Keep reading to know the top natural remedies that instill a sense of tranquility within you. 

  1. Green Tea-Derived Theanine 


Almost everybody is aware of the potent health benefits of green tea. But, did you know the reason behind the potent action of green tea on your body? The herb, Camellia Sinensis, contains ample L-theanine that acts on the brain pathways. Also, it interacts with the blood-brain barrier and stimulates the receptors like glutamate. Such interactions contribute to better cognition, alertness, and enhanced energy levels. Along with this, long-term usage can lower down the stress levels and induce a sense of happiness.

A cup of green tea daily might reduce restlessness, enhance focus and improve productivity. Make sure to get your share of green tea as early as possible. Also, try to drink it either in the morning or before hitting the bed for maximum benefits. 

  1. Lavender 

Do you like the aromatic lavender flowers and the visual appeal of the purple hues? Apart from the fragrance, lavender is an effective aid against stress, anxiety, and depression. If you’re experiencing signs of stress, then you must try the various lavender supplements. It contains chemicals like linalyl acetate and linalool that alter brain functions. 

Also, the chemicals act on Gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors and enhance the rate of neuronal activity. Lavender supplements induce better sleep, prevent unwanted fatigue, and control anxious thoughts. Not to forget, the aroma itself is sufficient to heighten your senses and relax your mind. 

You can try the aromatherapy oils or sprays on your pillow for an enchanting sleep. Or, maybe grab some lavender tea bags and drink the tea first thing in the morning. Make sure to do your research before choosing the ideal supplement for your relaxation routine. 

  1. Cannabis 


Another herb that you can consider to get the stress off your chest is cannabis indica. The herb, also known by the name marijuana, possesses the ability to reduce mental health issues. When used in low doses, it can stimulate your brain and prevent depressive episodes. Try out the Cannabis Indica Flower to lower down the stress due to work or personal issues. Or, maybe you can try CBD oil containing phytocannabinoids. Such constituents stimulate the cannabinoid receptors and ease down the stress levels. Don’t forget to get your hands on diverse supplements like tinctures or oils. Also, use the supplements daily to see results faster and achieve a stable mind. 

  1. Chamomile 

A pleasant morning deserves positive thoughts and some hot chamomile tea to clear your mind. The need for chamomile increases if you’re going through anxiety or stress issues. Chamomile or Matricaria chamomilla is a herb native to Europe and Asian premises. Also, it works well for mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and restlessness. 

The herbal constituents act on the benzodiazepine receptors and reduce the release of stress hormones like cortisol. As a result, you experience better energy levels and cognitive functions. You can use chamomile supplements in tea extracts, garnish your salads with chamomile leaves, or prepare DIY recipes. 

  1. Aromatherapy Oils


Aromatherapy is the process of inhaling fragrances that stimulate the olfactory receptors. Also, the aroma soothes your mind and calms your troublesome thoughts. You can try the oils containing lavender, peppermint, or even valerian extracts. While working from home, the oils act as a great stressbuster and allow you to focus on work. Try spraying some oil over your bed before sleeping, or start your morning with a few sniffs. Some people prefer to light the fragrant candles for much-needed mental peace. You must figure out your way of aromatherapy and stick to it for relaxation. 

  1. Valerian 

Are you experiencing trouble sleeping due to the constant stress and work-related anxiety? If yes, then the valerian extracts might help ward off the pressure. Valeriana officinalis is a herb that grows native to Europe and Asia and is rich in potent anxiolytic components. Also, it contains chemicals like valeric acid, iridoids, and alkaloids that act on the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors. The supplements can rectify your sleep cycle, reduce stress levels, and increase work efficiency. 

Make sure to use the valerian extracts in diverse ways and incorporate them into your lifestyle for faster results. Not only will it improve your way of living, but it also contributes to holistic well-being. 

Final Words

Natural remedies are a great way to relax your mind and reduce stress levels. For all the busy working professionals, herbal supplements might help ward off anxiety issues. You can try out the herbs like chamomile, cannabis, or lavender in multiple forms. Also, opt for supplements like tea extracts, tinctures, and oils to relax your mind. The herbs act on your brain receptors like GABA or glutamate and aid in the utmost relaxation. Further, long-term herbal therapy might reduce the chances of depression, mood disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s about time that you deal with the anxious thoughts and sleepless nights in a herbal manner. 

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