6 tips for the safe use of electric vehicles

Article about 6 tips for the safe use of electric vehicles

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Aug 20, 2021

6 tips for the safe use of electric vehicles

Such modes of transport as Segway’s, gyro scooters and electric unicycle are firmly in vogue, they can be seen in many progressive cities. segway for sale But riding on them can pose a slight danger, because they develop a relatively high rate of movement of up to 20 km / h. When falling at high speed, abrasions, bruises and injuries are possible. Next, we will show you 6 simple tips on how to protect yourself or your child from such incidents.

Choose the right device

Every vehicle has its own characteristics, and electric vehicles are no exception. When choosing the desired unicycle, Segway or gyro scooter, it is worth considering the calculated weight, power of electric motors, radius and type of wheel design. Ease of use, speed of movement and shock absorption on uneven surfaces depend on such indicators. Also, do not forget about the battery capacity, you should take into account the average driving distance from a single battery charge. After all, you do not want to be discharged on the way from work and part of the road to move the device on your own.

Make sure the originality of the transport

The production of electric vehicles is a labor-intensive professional process with mandatory observance of patents, technical norms and regulations, as well as product quality control. But skillful Chinese factories are churning out cheap copies. The danger of such purchases lies in insufficiently equipped production, ignoring the required manufacturing standards and reducing the cost of the materials used, which negatively affects the long-term use of the device and the safety of the owner while driving. A poorly executed electrician and the cheapest battery can lead to fire. hoverboards


Provide yourself with security

As mentioned earlier, electric vehicles have the ability to pick up a relatively high speed, at which there will be a danger of bruises and abrasions. To protect ourselves and our child, we need time-tested equipment:


  • Elbow pads.
  • Knee pads.

Such items will be needed and, if desired, master the tricks.


Another great tip is to use only comfortable clothing when planning your trip. Riding in high heels or tight jeans is not a good idea.



Learn to keep your balance

Before you is a brand new original Segway, electric unicycle or gyro scooter, you are wearing safety equipment, now you can start learning. The first step is to learn how to keep your balance, it will not be more difficult than cycling. It is recommended to learn to ride on level surfaces without being surrounded by solid objects or people. It is especially worth keeping an eye on children, because these types of electric vehicles will definitely attract their attention! It will be most comfortable to make the first trips on soft treadmills or a short lawn, because it is quite possible that at first you will fall a couple of times before you master the technique of good riding. It is strongly discouraged to ride such vehicles at home - there is too little room for maneuvers.

Get used to the speed a little bit

After successfully understanding the principle of driving an electric vehicle, you should gradually get used to the speed being developed,hover cart slowly increasing the pace. Also, dont forget about braking. You should slow down smoothly - if you stop abruptly, the laws of physics will throw you off the device. And you need to remember that getting off the transport is done in steps only backward.

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