A Cloud Gaming Console Called Legion Play from Lenovo Is A Defective Idea

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Oct 18, 2021

Well, the reports still haven’t been confirmed, and at best, can be regarded as rumors. However, the leaks have come from a reliable source. If the recent leaks are to be interpreted, then it is imminent that a prominent tech company called Lenovo is making its in-house gaming console. The leak reports have stemmed from the leaked images of a handheld device, which has been dubbed as Lenovo Legion Play.

The images accidentally appeared in a website’s source code. The website, fortunately, belonged to Lenovo and was titled “Lenovo Mobile World Congress 2021.”

The credit for first finding the leak has been attributed to a website called “Lilputing.” People have been intrigued by the device and have called it “the first-ever cloud-based and Android-based gaming console.” The images have been shared on the internet, and you can look at them right now to get some idea.

If you need some references, you can take the example of the Nintendo Switch. It does appear as a Nintendo switch with ABXY (standard layout) connected to the seven-inch-long high-definition display screen. If you take a closer look at the source code, you will indeed discover other specifications. There, you can find dual speakers, HDR 10, and a battery capacity of 700 mAh.

According to what has been reported, the console can only be used explicitly for cloud games. It would also enable the gamers to load their computer games to the Lenovo cloud gaming console device.

If you want to understand the whole idea in simple words, you can assume it is an amazingly crafted piece of paper. However, there are a few websites that are unwilling to praise the new tech just yet. For skeptics, the idea does not seem impressive as the idea behind the whole device, a “cloud gaming console,” appears weird.

There has been a lot of talk regarding cloud gaming recently. However, the concept is comparatively fresh in the gaming field. Simply put, it gives you, as a gamer, access to play any game you want regardless of the fact whether your device meets the requirements of a game or not.

Cloud Gaming Console

BlueStacks has also entered this domain of “cloud gaming console” recently with a product called “BlueStacks X.” “Cloud gaming console” uses the concept of cloud and lets users enjoy access to high graphic games, even AAA games as well. Usually, devices with low specifications cannot launch these games.

However, it also needs to be understood that different platforms also provide access to FHD games, such as Gears 5. You can take the example of Google Stadia for reference. With the help of Google Stadia, a gamer can quickly run, stream, and enjoy games such as Cyberpunk 2077 on a device that is at least five years old.

This is a feat, which never would have been possible without a “cloud gaming console.” On the other hand, Microsoft’s service of a “cloud gaming console” allows all users to stream the game “Gears 5.”

Furthermore, even companies such as Nintendo have started utilizing “cloud gaming” and have used “Marvel’s Guardian’s of Galaxy” as the title to venture into this new field.

The Entire Effort is all About Cost-effectiveness

Some of us have expensive hobbies, and nearly all of us want to have an experienced hobby. However, if you have chosen gaming as your hobby, then you have chosen one of the costliest hobbies in the world. The concept of a “Cloud gaming console” has shown that people do not need to buy expensive gaming consoles, $500 devices, or manually build a costly personal computer to stream the most sought-after games. There are already pretty solid ways to meddle with games like “Cyberpunk 2077” with handhelds you already have.

And, that is the problem people have with Lenovo Legion Play. There is no reason people would choose to buy expensive devices for “cloud gaming consoles” when devices would give users access at a much lesser cost.

That is how it beats the entire purpose of a “cloud gaming console.”

Now, there is another drawback concerning such devices designed primarily for “cloud gaming console” purposes.” For “cloud gaming console,” you always need rapid internet connectivity. So, Lenovo Legion Play is not made for travel.

You can only play when you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network; while traveling on transit, the device would not work, and you wouldn’t be able to access a “cloud gaming console.”

And, this is precisely why “cloud gaming console” has been unable to pull the audience in a way that it was expected to do despite certain buzz regarding the whole concept. There are a few red flags, which companies like Google and Microsoft need to resolve as soon as possible. “Cloud gaming console” need not be only affordable, but also be convenient to play.


“Cloud gaming console” is an exciting concept and has slowly become a fan-favorite mode of playing higher-end or AAA games. However, certain drawbacks are just slowing down the growth of “cloud gaming consoles.” Nevertheless, a recent leak regarding Lenovo Legion Play has made it imminent that Lenovo will be venturing into the field of “cloud gaming console.”

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