A Starting Guide To NonProfit Web Design

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John Phil activities: Digital Executive

Jul 20, 2021

Do you know how to make a nonprofit website design?

This article is a perfect match!


A website design for a non-profit organization is more than you may think.

First thing first, a non-profit website is not just a multicolored brochure with a sales pitch.

Theres more to the story

In website designing, there are some popular questions that need to be addressed.

Here is a list of FAQs for you

  • What is a nonprofit web design?

  • How to create a non-profit organization website?

  • How to set up a website for donations?

  • How to make a charity website?

Furthermore, website designing is a mix of many things, but, the most important section that you need to focus on is brand building.

How to create a nonprofit website?

Here is a list of guidelines for you

  • Domain Name is an important element that you need to focus on. It will help visitors access your website. For a nonprofit organization.COM, and.ORG is the suggested domain extension

  • A hosting plan such as a WordPress host can help you stack all your files and add ons that build your website. Once you are up with a hosting plan, log in and other essential details will help you start building a nonprofit website

  • Further, you need a website builder that assists you with tools, plugins template kits to design your website.

  • Customize your website as per the brand you wish to create and publish the website after the user interface and functionality approach is finalized. And, you are good to go

Designing a non-profit organization website

The best nonprofit website design consists of three important elements 

  • Brand management

  • Impact representation

  • User engagement

Designing a website is a challenging task when it is about a social cause. You must have an appropriate understanding of the nonprofit organization objectives

While you design your website, you need to focus on important features of the best nonprofit website design

User Engagement

The strategy deployed to engage your user is to add images, graphics, and videos. It must include

  • Photographic images

  • Infographics

  • Video graphics

Compared to the textual representation of your content, visual media engage users and increase your chances to get a high ranking to your website by google.

The visual strength of a website design is the best hack to ramp up your SEO

Focus on your White Space!

White space does not necessarily mean the white color in your nonprofit website design. But, it is important that you provide space in between the content elements on your website.

As per the survey, white space help you with

  • Comprehension of information  

  • Customer satisfaction 

  • Content focus

  • Trust building

Call To Action - Donate Button

Do you know how to set up a website for donation?

CTA is the answer.

You must have a clear call to action for the potential users. Add a donate button that is visible, feasible, and accessible. The best strategy is, to be direct with your CTA.

Design for mobile devices too!

If you are aiming to obtain high traffic to your nonprofit website design, then, you must create a website that is responsive to desktop and mobile.

As we know, mobile browsing has increased than desktop mode and therefore you must look into your target user and design a responsive website.

Mobile browsing is on the rising edge and you would surely not like to miss it!

Search Engine Optimization

By now, you may have learned how to make a charity website, but it is important that you are able to run your nonprofit website design in the high-tech online crowd.

It is suggested to have a robust SEO for your nonprofit website.

The best strategy deployed by website designers to raise the traffic of a non-profit organization website design is to install google analytics. It will help you gather information on SEO statistics.

Once you know where you stand, you can move further for your website enhancement and attract attention to your nonprofit organization’s niche.

Here is a guideline for your SEO management

  • Research competitors to leverage opportunity

  • Focus on long-tail keywords

  • Publish quality content on a regular basis

  • Encourage engagement via social media

  • Develop high-quality backlinks to your site

Furthermore, In a nonprofit organization, there is a constant flow of events and activities. It is important that every update should have an advertising campaign. This should have special attention during website designing.

Consistency is one of the most important fractions of website designing. A consistent update to the online presence can yield maximum traffic that also assists in the brand building of the nonprofit organization.


One of the prominent features of web designing is strategy and implementation.

A nonprofit organization has different objectives than a regular commercial website.

Therefore it is important that website designing is domain-centric.

If you wish to create a  nonprofit website for an organization, then, you must focus on the guidelines discussed in the article.

The article has also listed a road map to user efficient website designing.