AWS Developer Salary: Full Guide

Article about AWS Developer Salary: Full Guide

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Oct 25, 2021

With 42 percent of the overall GLOBAL cloud market share, Amazon Web Services is the hottest cloud computing infrastructure, expanding by 21% in the fourth quarter of 2021. As the demand for qualified AWS workers grows, its employees earn some of the best wages in the world.

AWS experts, such as AWS Cloud Architects, AWS Big Data Specialists, AWS Cloud Network Engineers, AWS DevOps Engineers, and AWS Developers, earn a small amount of money. But today's primary goal is to draw your attention to AWS developer wages and the factors that influence them.

An AWS developer is a professional who works with Amazon Web Services' cloud-based platform to create application software or programs. Their position is identical to that of other cloud developers; however, they only work with AWS. They will often construct or upgrade the mobile hub and supervise the configuration of various features such as push notifications and user authentication to ensure that scalability and security best practices are followed.

Given the complexities of their roles and responsibilities and a scarcity of needed qualified labor, numerous behemoths are offering generous AWS Developer Salary packages with additional bonuses to lure the best candidates. The average annual compensation for an aws training developer is USD 112,984. This is an average AWS Developer Salary as determined by the most reputable employment marketplace, based on the wages of recently hired AWS developers. However, the amount of money an AWS developer can make is determined by their level of experience, location, and various other criteria.

We'll show you how much you can earn as an AWS developer in our AWS Developer Salary. What is the typical AWS developer income in the United States, and how do certified AWS developer wages vary by geography, skills, and experience level? What are some skills that can help you earn more money as an AWS developer?

Most Influential Factors Affecting Your AWS Developer Salary

  1. The Geographical Location

Not only in terms of AWS Developer Salary but also in terms of several other job categories. Your geographic location has a significant impact on your wage compensation options. You can understand why, given varying economic levels, market demands, and a scarcity of skilled labor, wage curves in different areas may vary. It's completely subjective to situational circumstances as to why some people earn a lot of money while others earn a lot less.

  1. Specialization in Certification

The hiring of devoted, trained, and certified AWS Developers is particularly important to large enterprises and job markets on a national/international basis. The certification verifies your technical knowledge in a certain field. An AWS-certified IT professional earns 27.5 percent more than a non-certified worker. By becoming certified, you can have your application prioritized above non-certified candidates and land a high-paying job.

  1. Size & Type of Organization

The compensation allocation graph for each company differs depending on their size, investment, and operational skill requirements. The larger the company, the larger the customer base, and the higher the organizational and operational requirements. In that instance, they will offer a competitive compensation package in order to attract and retain the needed competent workforce. As a result, your AWS Developer Salary is mostly determined by the size of the company.

  1. Desired Knowledge & Skills

Every firm has its own operating needs, and as a result, they seek qualified individuals with relevant abilities and experience, boosting your chances of landing a high AWS Developer Salary. When applying for an AWS Developer job with any company, keep an eye on their skill and work-duties needs and match them to any information you've gained through online training or self-study. And do so to the best of your ability!!

Where Can AWS Developers Make The Most Money?

Here are the top 5 places where AWS Developer Salaries are substantial and worth accepting if you have the ability to migrate and are willing to enjoy a large AWS developer salary package.

  1. Salary of an AWS Developer in the United States

In the United States, the average certified AWS developer income is $125,216 per year or $64.21 per hour. AWS developer jobs start at $107,250 per year, with the most experienced employees earning up to $156,000 per year.

  1. India's average AWS Developer Salary

In India, a senior AWS developer earns an average of 1,300,000 rupees per year or $667 per hour. AWS developer salaries start at $1,000,000 per year for entry-level employment, and most experienced individuals can earn up to $1,800,000.00 per year.

  1. Australia's Average AWS Developer Salary

In Australia, the average AWS developer compensation is $125,000 per year or $64.10 per hour. AWS developer salaries start at $116,250 per year for entry-level employment, and after gaining expertise, AWS professionals can earn up to $140,000 per year.

  1. Average AWS Developer Salary in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the average salary for an AWS developer is £55,000 per year or £28.21 per hour. AWS developer jobs start at £42,500 per year, with the highest-paid experts earning up to £75,000 per year.

AWS Certified Developer Job Responsibilities and Duties

Setting up, maintaining, and evolving the cloud infrastructure of web-based applications is the responsibility of an AWS developer. An AWS developer is expected to grasp the key services and follow best practices in terms of security and scalability. Other responsibilities could include the following:

  • Recognize the current application infrastructure and make necessary adjustments.

  • Identify and record optimal application deployment and infrastructure management techniques and procedures.

  • Create a monitoring system.

  • Ensure high availability and scalability by relocating infrastructure with no downtime.

  • Using the AWS CI/CD stack, build a CI/CD pipeline for your applications.

AWS Developer Salary-Incrementing Skills

  • Sound Programming languages such as C#, Java, PHP, ASP.Net, or Python are required.

  • Good understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) applications

  • To interface with services from your application, you'll need a strong understanding of the software development kit (SDK).

  • Outstanding code writing that improves performance

  • At the coding level, application security is important.

  • Troubleshooting capability for distributed systems

  • Writing infrastructure as code (IaC) using CloudFormation or Terraform is a plus.

  • Having a better grasp of Linux/Unix administration

  • Docker and Kubernetes are two technologies that you should be familiar with.

  • Designing large-scale systems in the past

Other Jobs in the AWS Developer Field with Average Pay

  • 598,615 dollars for a software engineer

  • Engineer, Development Operations (DevOps): 681,495

  • 1,113,984 Senior Software Engineer

  • 806,730 (Software Developer)

  • 771,657 Software Engineers, Developers, and Programmers

  • 1,052,441 data engineer

  • 979,196 Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer


There's no denying that AWS developers are well compensated, as they are expected to grasp the fundamental AWS services and follow best practices for security and scalability in order to achieve high performance. The need for AWS developers that are skilled and qualified is at an all-time high. Companies are willing to pay a lot of money to get their hands on the best personnel.

Take an accredited aws training online that prepares you end-to-end for the AWS developer certification as well as the work duties of this profile to get the top AWS developer salary.

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