Activate Your Discover Card In Easy Steps. Here’s How!

Article about Activate Your Discover Card In Easy Steps. Here’s How!

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Nov 12, 2021

Have you received your Discover Card yet? If you answered yes, the first step is to activate it at To begin using the card for purchases, you must first activate it. You may activate your Discover Card on the company's website or through the Discover mobile app.


If you are familiar with the bank's web interface, activating your card is straightforward. The user must have their card information on hand, as well as an internet-connected device and a few other necessities. For a step-by-step method to activate your Discover Card, see the post below.

About Discover Card

Discover is a credit card company that mostly operates in the United States. Sears first debuted it in 1985. Discover did not charge an annual fee when it first began, and it offered a higher-than-average credit limit, both of which were novel features in the credit card business at the time. The "Cashback Bonus" on purchases was the following invention. 


Discover Bank, previously the Greenwood Trust Company, issues the majority of Discover cards. The Discover Network payment network is used to handle Discover transactions. Discover Financial Services bought Pulse, an electronic money transfer network, in 2005, giving them the ability to advertise and issue debit and ATM cards. Discover Financial Services said in February 2006 that, as a result of its acquisition of Pulse, it will begin issuing Discover debit cards to other financial institutions.


With 57 million cardholders, Discover is the third largest credit card brand in the United States by number of cards in circulation, after Visa and MasterCard.

Activate Discover Card at

Use the online activation page or call Discover customer support at (800) 347-2683 to activate your Discover card. A Social Security number, as well as the card number, expiration date, and security code, are required for Discover card activation.


To activate a Discover card online, you don't need a Discover login and password. However, having an account helps speed up the process by eliminating the need to provide additional personal information to authenticate your identity. In any case, activating your Discover card is simple and quick. Furthermore, the procedures are the same for Discover credit and debit cards.


  1. To activate your Discover card, go to
  2. Log in to your account if you have one, or select "Without Logging In" if you don't.
  3. Enter your date of birth, your SSN's last four digits, your 16-digit card number, and the card's expiration date. (This is only required if you do not log in.)
  4. The 3-digit security code on the back of the card must be entered.
  5. To activate your Discover card, click "Continue."


After activation, you may use your Discover card right away. You can't make any purchases with a Discover card until it's been activated for security reasons. Activation guarantees that the card is not stolen from the mail and used.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q.1) Is Capital One better than Discovery?


Ans: The initial bonus is where the largest difference lies. When you spend $1,000 in your first three months, Discover will double all cash back you've earned, and Capital One will give you a one-time bonus of 50,000 miles. This is the equivalent of $500 in travel rewards. The miles on both cards are worth one penny apiece.


Q.2) Which Discover Card is the simplest to obtain?


Ans: The Discover it® Student chrome card rewards you with 1–2% cash back on purchases, doubles your first-year earnings as an anniversary gift, and has no annual fee. To get approved for this card, you don't need any past credit history.


Q.3) What is the Discover Card credit limit?


Ans: Each Discover it Student card comes with a credit limit of at least $500. Starting limitations as high as $3,000 have been reported by some persons. When compared to other credit cards, the Discover student credit card limit is rather large.


Q.4) What number do I dial to talk to Discover Customer service?


Ans: Customer Service can be reached at (1-800-347-2683) if you require immediate assistance.


Q.5) Why am I unable to access my Discover card account?


Ans: Your computer may be vulnerable to security threats if you use an outdated browser. You may need to upgrade your browser to the most recent version and try again to have the best experience on


Q.6) How can I check the amount on my Discover card?


Ans: You may also call customer support at (1800) 347-2683 to check your balance. "Check my Balance," say when prompted. After that, enter your billing zip code and the last four digits of both your Social Security number and your Discover it card number. Your current balance will be shown by the system.


That concludes the post on how to activate your Discover card at We hope you have no problems activating your Discover Credit Card at Call the Discover customer support number shown above to get in touch with them. Thank you for staying with us till the end. We hope to see you in the next one!



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