All You Need to Know About Renting Furniture

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Sep 1, 2021

Renting a quality piece of furniture is a great alternative to buying one. This option is also available to consumers with bad credit. There are plenty of good reasons why you should consider renting furniture instead of buying.

When is renting furniture a good option?

When you have bad credit

Sometimes it can be difficult to buy furniture with bad credit, however by renting it you can still get the pieces you need. What’s more, every rental payment you make on time for your furniture will boost your credit score.

When you are in a temporary housing

You might not be able to buy furniture with bad credit, but if you are in temporary housing for less than one year, it makes more sense to rent. It is easier to rent furniture if you don’t intend to stay in the property for a long time.

When you are relocating from another country


It can be difficult to move large pieces of furniture from one apartment into another, especially if you are moving across the country or from another country altogether. This is when no credit check furniture can be a good option, since international customers may have difficulty transferring their credit score right away.

When you want to test before buying

Some leasing companies allow you to rent furniture pieces and purchase them at the end of your lease. Renting can be a good option if you are looking to test out your interior design ideas.

What is the cost of renting furniture?

Furniture rental costs vary depending on several factors. These include the type of furniture being rented and the style. Other factors that can affect the price include:


·     Whether you are renting as a package or individually

·     Duration of rental

·     Delivery fees

·     Location and apartment floor

·     Damage waiver

How to Rent Furniture

It is easy to rent furniture online. There is a wide range of options to choose from. These include single pieces or complete sets, such as a dining room or living room set.


Once you have found the piece or set that you like, confirm whether it is available in your local area. After this, you can choose the length of the lease.


Many companies will deliver the furniture directly to your home for a fee. If you wish, you can also visit a showroom to view the item in person.

Things to consider before renting furniture

·     Renting may not be the best option if youre looking for furniture at a low price. Fees that come with no credit check furniture can add up very quickly and increase the cost of renting.

·     You might end up paying full price for the furniture if it gets damaged. This is why you should consider a damage waiver.  


Read the terms and conditions before renting. Some companies have minimum monthly payments that you must pay. Others may also require that you rent for a minimum of six months. There are also companies that don’t allow students to rent furniture for more than a semester.

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