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Jun 7, 2021

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Why we Identify the Value in Investing in Intangible Assets.

In 1975, intangible assets accounted for 17% of company value.  Today they account for 87%.  As a result, our loan origination partner (LOP) has a mandate to identify investments in, and helping to monetize, intangible assets to deliver strong investment returns to both innovators and LOPs members.


We see Intangible assets are a key driver of value and growth within an organization. However, across multiple client engagements since 2013, intangible assets are typically absent, mispriced, or under-valued on balance sheets.  Our LOP has focussed on a market vacuum whereby this asset class is largely ignored by traditional investment funds and significant intangible asset value remains unrealized or unknown.


Next Level Assets LOP will deploy capital via a proprietary investment approach that is designed to accelerate the commercialization and monetization of intangible assets by assisting intangible asset-rich companies to realize and capture value. Capital to date has been deployed both directly from the LOPs Special Investment Vehicles (SIV) and through co-investment transactions.


The focus is on either in investing in opportunities around a specific intangible asset (such as patents or data); or by investing in established operating businesses where we can use our expertise, and that of our strategic partners, to fast-track the monetization of embedded intangible asset value.


LOP seeks to identify seeking and reviewing investment opportunities with individual inventors, start-ups and companies that have:


•           High potential intangible assets, which are undeveloped or insufficiently commercialized;

•           Limitations in capital, time, experience or expertise to monetize their assets;

•           An inability to execute higher value commercialization options (known or unknown); or

•           Idle or under-utilized intangible assets.

•           Liquidation, receivership or stressed situations where there are potentially valuable intangible assets.


The outlined strategy means we can look at a much broader array of opportunities than traditional investors. We are less concerned with the stage or age of the company and instead are focused on finding opportunities to unlock value in under-utilized intangible assets.


When our network passed a mandate to focus on patent assertion programs we concluded that If you look at the main reasons companies don’t succeed, none of those are related to technology failure.  Based on our experience, we believe there are literally tens of thousands of companies across Australia, South East Asia and Europe that our network can assist. That’s great for innovators and great for our members.


By Joe Chappel - B2B Investment Distribution & Recruitment

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