Axie Infinity Clone Script

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Aug 6, 2021

Axie Infinity Clone Script

Axie Infinity Clone Script is a source code that will execute you to build and start a blockchain-powered NFT gaming platform like Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity Clone Script is a digital pet universe NFT game where players battle, raise, and trade fantasy creatures and take part in a war game like Axie Infinity. The Axie Infinity Clone Script is developed with cutting-edge blockchain with player-attractive UI design and functionalities.

The Axie Infinity Clone Script is an NFT game comprising plenty of pet characters and sequential updates that would increase the usability of its players. Each defined character will be bought by the players for an affordable ETH crypto. 

Axie Infinity Overview

Axies are Fantasy Creatures 

Axies players can Battle, Collect, Trade, and Raise.

Each Axie has various traits which determine their significant role in battle.


Each Axie has 4 stats - Health, Morale, Skill, Speed

Here’s what they do:

HP- Hp is nothing but Axies Health. The amount of damage your Axie character can take before being knocked out.

Morale- Morale improves critical strike chance and also creates entering the last stand and adds more last stand “ticks”.

Skill- Skill defines to Axies ability to use multiple cards (combo) at a stretch. These can communicate extra damage to the opponent, damage is automatically calculated based upon the type of card used for attacks.

Speed- Axie Speed determines turn order. Faster Axie player attack first. If two Axie players have the same speed. 

Types of Axies

Axie infinities were split into 2 major groups. Those are Origin Axie and Mystic Axie. 

Origin Axies which are of limited supply  
Mystic Axie evolved from the original called Mystic Axie which is scarce.

Axie Infinity Marketplace Clone Payment Methods

Axie Infinity Marketplace does not support payment options like PayPal or Credit Card purchases. Since it uses the Ethereum Blockchain network, the complete game transactions are carried out through the use of Ethereum (ETH).

Axie Infinity Clone To Build NFT Marketplace Like Axie Infinity

If you are thinking to build a blockchain-powered NFT war game similar in functionalities to that of Axie Infinity then our Axie Infinity Clone will be the best and perfect business option. You can also start and develop the Axie Infinity-like NFT Game from the scratch.

We design and build the Axie Infinity Clone to launch the exact features of the Axie Infinity.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper For Axie Infinity Marketplace Clone Development?

We BlockchainAppsDeveloper as a Leading NFT Gaming Platform Development Company provides you to build robust NFT marketplace with customized gaming solutions. This Axie Infinity Marketplace Clone Script is a decentralized marketplace platform script where players can view all of the features and items available within the game platform. You can start a Non-Fungible Marketplace like Axie Infinity from BlockchainAppsDeveloper!

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