Jul 9, 2021

In this digital world, the word Blockchain Technology has become a buzzword which becomes an unavoidable technology in many industry verticals. The Supply chain process is the base of every business or industry which connects suppliers, manufacturers, and end-users.

In recent days, the major crisis which every supply chain industry faces is data protection. Blockchain plays a vital role here by enhancing trust, transparency, and privacy in data sharing.

Blockchain — Supply chain industry:

Blockchain Technology faced many challenges in the Supply Chain industry such as complex data-keeping and tracking of products. With Blockchain Technology, a better-automated alternative to administer the centralized databases is offered.

Apart from data-keeping and tracking, Blockchain Technology has several ways of functioning in a supply chain industry.

Most of the benefits in the supply chain industry via blockchain. Now, lets see the 5

important benefits and how it is.

Benefits of using blockchain in the Supply chain industry:


Blockchain technology permits data to be interoperable which eases the transparency in data sharing helps reduce delays and conflicts. and it’s data sharing process among the manufacturers, retailers, vendors, and contractors.

Also, it prevents goods from getting stuck in the supply chain cycle because each product can be tracked in real-time which makes the chances of misplacements rare.


Blockchain technology is available in excess capacity. The scalability of large databases can be accessed from multiple locations around the globe. While maintaining exclusive standards of security the clients can alter as per the information feed.

The most rewarding feature of this is ‘selective permissions’ which implies the participant will be able to view the data for which he has the permission.

The permission to allow the data to be accessed can be granted explicitly to the members. Apart from these, there are other benefits of Blockchain technology in the supply chain industry.

Providing Greater Transparency:

In the previous few years, we have seen an expanding centre around morally sourced items with more buyers requesting to know the root of the items they buy and how it was sourced. However, many current frameworks sometimes struggle to track products back to their manufacturers, and as a result, companies fail to meet consumers’ demands for transparency. A blockchain technology system provides the best solution to these multiple challenges in the supply chain industry.

Driving Supply Chain Visibility:

One of the greatest issues in supply chain visibility — is a major sticking point for businesses as well as modern buyers. Globalization, competition, and growing complexities in the marketplace have made it harder for companies to get a handle on their flexibility of supply chains. There’s also added pressure to meet consumers developing needs for more limited process duration, quick deliveries, and mistake-free shipments.

With the improvements of blockchain in the supply chain in the previous years, the transformative technology has become an increasingly valuable tool for companies in terms of supply chain visibility because it offers a transparent and more efficient mechanism for recording exchanges and managing stock. Blockchain technology has the ability to instantly and immutably store information, track the journey of the given merchandise in detail, just as recognize SKUs, requirement timelines, and measuring units, helping businesses to have a solitary perspective of the supply chain.

Blockchain Project Disrupting the Supply Chain:

There have been a lot of supply chain blockchain pilot projects launched around the world with a few of them getting a lot of consideration because of their initial achievement and promising outcomes. One of these is a Singapore-based blockchain firm giving supply chain management with the goal to improve visibility and efficiency in the global supply chain. More importantly, the platform enables recording and putting away information, giving producers and consumers trust in their products, and restoring trust in the supply chain system. Thanks to the successful integration of blockchain with NFC, RFID, and QR technologies, retailers and clients will be able to know precisely where and how their items are being made.

Blockchain will be a better solution to the major issue of the healthcare sector is the Drug Supply Chain Security act.

If you have an idea to use blockchain in your supply chain industry, you are welcome to use it. It can provide you the security you expect and it can prevent hacking for your data. If you want to know more about the blockchain role in the supply chain industry. visit this page for further reference.

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