Be the leading giant of on-demand grocery market with BigBasket app clone

Article about Be the leading giant of on-demand grocery market with BigBasket app clone

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Jul 24, 2021

Have you ever imagined that selling groceries can turn you into a billionaire? Yes! It is possible to take your grocery business to the next level with the right marketing strategies. But for that, where do you take the inspiration from? We shall have a look at how to utilize BigBasket like app for the grocery delivery business.


The Success Journey Of The Bigbasket App

BigBasket was first launched in the year 2011. But until 2015, it didn’t hit big. Currently, there wouldn’t be anyone who hasn’t heard of BigBasket. The popularity of the BigBasket grocery app encourages many entrepreneurs to take up the inspiration and outgrow their business.

Know The Success Point Of Bigbasket!

It operates in two different ways. Firstly, the company gets the goods from farm produce and then stocks them in the warehouse in the city for distribution. They prioritize mainly on delivering perishable goods like meat, vegetables, etc.

Ensure The Success Of Your App Like Bigbasket By Following These Steps

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer convenience to anything. That’s why BigBasket like app is finding great demand in the market. As is the demand, so is the competition. So, for your app to especially survive the market, you need to consider few important factors.

  1. Determine target audience: Analysing and observing your target audience gives you knowledge about the needs and demands of your users. Thereby, it helps you to come up with solutions that best satisfy their needs.

  2. Identify working region: Know the region which has the major potential audience for your business. Targeting and promoting your business in those regions can fetch you good profits.

  3. Inventory arrangements: Based on the business model you choose, you can make inventory arrangements. You can either tie up with grocery stores or manage your own inventory.

How Do You Make Profits From Bigbasket Clone App Development?

Impose delivery charges to the customers in addition to the total grocery order amount

Secondly, apps can generate revenue by advertising different brands and collect a fee for that.

Thirdly, if you’re partnering with grocery stores to supply groceries, you can earn a commission for every order the customer place in the app.

Summing Up,

The grocery delivery market is booming at a rapid pace. Considering the safety and luxury of the on-demand grocery delivery apps, this trend is likely to stay for long. Therefore, it’s the perfect time for anyone to commence their BigBasket app clone startup. Reach out to our Turnkey Town team who can give wings to your business.