Become A Trendsetter In The Multi-service Industry By Creating Gojek Clone App

Article about Become A Trendsetter In The Multi-service Industry By Creating Gojek Clone App

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Aug 16, 2021

We all want someone to take care of the chores. Get a taxi at the doorstep, order groceries offering same-day deliveries, take care of your kids by scheduling a babysitter, and repair the broken tap calling plumber on-demand, and so on. There’s an app for all that takes care of these things. Thus, helping their customers to have more free time and enjoy themselves. The trend for the On-Demand App is setting in and it seems Gojek like App seems to be covering the majority of the market share.

Don’t Miss The Train

If you are looking at the opportunity, building Gojek Clone App is anytime the best idea. The app is an opportunity provided to investors, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Gojek like the app is hugely in demand, boosts your business revenues but generates goodwill for your brand as well. Additionally, the app enhances the local community,thus, plays a vital role in propelling the economic growth of the region it has been launched.


The Need For Gojek Clone App

It has become possible with the help of this Super App, to be able to serve the customers quickly anytime and anywhere.

For instance, think about one situation where you are leaving for the office as there’s a meeting already scheduled. And your car refuse to start. When you have Gojek Clone App, you can immediately book a taxi and reach the office on time.

Whether it is traveling, or ordering food that you have a craving at 2 am, Gojek Clone App provides 70+ On-Demand Services to the users on the go.

Thus, launch Gojek Clone App and be a trendsetter in the Multiservice Industry today. What’s more, if you are developing an app for a region that is yet to know about Gojek Clone App can build your business a monopoly. You will have a growing customer base that is going to remain loyal forever.

The New Gojek Clone Ride Hailing Service Features

·        Restricted Passengers Limit

·        Face Mask Verification

·        Safety Checklist

·        Safety Ratings & Reviews

·        Ride Cancellation

·        Apply Toll Cost Manually

·        Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models - Fixed model and Incremental Model - For Taxi Module

The New Version Features For On-Demand Delivery & Other Services

·        Store Wise Commission

·        Day Wise Separate Timeslots

·        Item Name Searching

·        18+ Age Confirmation

·        Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers

·        Delivery Driver can have a Helper to assist him

·        Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens

·        Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver

·        OTP Verification to Start the Task

·        Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification


In Conclusion

All in all, to say, Gojek Clone App allows you to become a trendsetter in the multiservice industry only if you have carefully designed and customized it. Otherwise, it is just another multiple services app.

Know your target audience, their tastes, and preferences as well as their buying choices. This will help you to get the exact elements, features, and services to make Gojek Clone successful.

Discuss your app project with an experienced App Development Company in India. Check with their client ratings and testimonials. Only choose to work with those who have already successfully launched 1000+ apps in the Play Store/App Store and are well-versed with the latest on-demand trends. This way you get to launch your own White-Label Gojek Clone that has your brand name and logo, allowing you to customize it as how you want.

Make sure to take the demo and get the best of the features and high-demand services to get success from day one it is launched.

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