Big Data Hadoop Developer Career Path : Journey of the Developer

Article about Big Data Hadoop Developer Career Path : Journey of the Developer

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Oct 20, 2021

Associations have now understood the advantages of Big Data analytics. It assisted them with better business experiences, which improved their dynamic capacities. As associations are showing interest in Big Data and are embracing Hadoop to break it down. Henceforth, the interest of occupations in Big Data and Hadoop is additionally rising quickly. In case somebody is keen on breaking down data and needs to seek after their career in this field, for them this present time is the perfect open door to begin learning Hadoop and Spark. This would consistently give you a decent beginning either as a fresher or experienced. There is a colossal interest for experts who can chip away at Big Data. Allow me to educate you concerning a few forecasts: 

Hadoop Market is relied upon to arrive at $99.31B by 2022 at a CAGR of 42.1% - Forbes 

McKinsey predicts that by 2018 there will be a deficiency of 1.5M data specialists 

The normal salary of Big Data Hadoop Developers is $135k ( pay data) 

Hadoop Career: Skills Required 

I know the following thing which rings a bell is about the abilities needed to acquire Big Data and Hadoop. I might want to let you know that there is no such pre-essential in learning Hadoop. Linux information will give you a head start while working with Hadoop. In case you are from a programming foundation and you know Java, Scala, or Python, it would be simpler for you to figure out how to compose a MapReduce program in various programming languages and execute equal preparation over HDFS (Hadoop stockpiling). If you know SQL, you will get an early advantage in learning Hadoop biological system apparatuses like Pig, Hive, and so forth. Likewise, if you have worked with NoSQL databases, you will feel great in working with HBase. I would advise you to go through this Hadoop Ecosystem blog to know the different apparatuses that are available for the hadoop certification

Big Data Hadoop Career Path | Career in Hadoop |

Hadoop Career: Who can pull out all the stops? 

The market for Big Data analytics is developing across the world and this solid development design converts into an extraordinary chance for every one of the IT Professionals. Here are a couple of IT Professional gatherings, who are consistently partaking in the advantages of moving into Big data space: 

  • Engineers and Architects 

  • BI/ETL/DW experts 

  • Senior IT Professionals 

  • Testing experts 

  • Centralized server experts 

  • Freshers 

I might want to add this, in case you are from an IT foundation or have a thought regarding IT, it is extremely simple for you to learn for Hadoop certification. 

You can learn different instruments depending on your solace, insight, and premium as we examined the abilities required. Scarcely any well known Big data work titles are: 

  • Hadoop/Big Data Developer 

  • Hadoop Administrator 

  • Data Engineer 

  • Big Data Architect 

  • AI Engineer 

  • Programming Development Engineer 

  • Big data Engineer 

  • Big Data Consultant 

Given your previous profile and interest, you can embrace any of the Big Data and Hadoop work profiles. Moving to the Big Data area can be one of the most incredible career moves for tech experts because Big Data is expanding at a faster rate and the chance is developing at a synchronous rate, and this is a truly developing field that will consistently be sought after. Allude to this 10 most sizzling tech abilities blog which will provide you with a thought of hot innovations. 

Hadoop Career: Big Data in Different Domains 

Allow us to take a few instances of Big Data analytics in various areas. 

Big Data In Different Domains - Hadoop Career 

Banking and Finance Sector 

It gives you early admonition for protections extortion and exchange perceivability Banking and Finance Sector. It helps in card extortion location, review trails, and venture credit hazard revealing. Client data are changed and broken down for better bits of knowledge and proficient dynamic abilities. 

The SEC (U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission) is utilizing Big Data to screen monetary market action by utilizing network analytics and Natural Language Processors. This assists with getting unlawful exchanging action in the monetary business sectors. 

Communication, Media and Entertainment 

In this area, buyer data is gathered, investigated, and used to improve forecasts and proposals to the clients. It uses portable and online media content. For a model, Wimbledon Championships use big data to convey definite feeling examination on the tennis matches to clients continuously. 

Medical services 

The rising clinical expenses, inaccessibility of data, and unusable data like patient history and sickness case accounts are chronicled and not investigated because of unstructured organization. You can examine the medical care data and treat your patients in a manner dependent on past case narratives. You can likewise distinguish the infection that is normal in specific regions, so anticipation can be taken and drugs can be made accessible to those spaces. 

The University of Florida utilized free general wellbeing data and Google Maps to make visual data that permits quicker ID and proficient investigation of medical care data for  Hadoop certification.


In the education area, we are attempting to join data from changed sources and afterward use that data for further developing the training area. College of Tasmania with more than 26000 understudies has conveyed a Learning and Management System that tracks log time, time spent on various pages, and the general advancement of an understudy after some time. 


There is a parcel of government plans which are in execution and are creating data at a colossal speed. Incorporation and between operability of Big data from various Government plans will work on the effectiveness of the plans and will give better results. 

The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) is utilizing Big Data to distinguish and concentrate on examples of food-related sickness and illnesses, considering quicker therapy reactions. 


Data from area-based informal organizations and rapid data from telecoms have affected travel conduct. Transport request models depend on new online media structures. Big Data Analytics in transportation will further develop Traffic control, Route arranging, Congestion Management framework, Revenue Management, Technological Enhancements, and so on 

Energy and Utilities 

60% of power network resources will require substitution in this decade. Shrewd meters become standard, as buyers need more control and bits of knowledge into energy utilization. Shrewd meter perusers permit data to be gathered in pretty much like clockwork. This data is utilized to examine the utilization of utilities better. 

We have recently examined a portion of the areas where Big Data analytics can do ponder. In every single space, Big Data can be broken down giving better bits of knowledge. 

I trust this blog was instructive and increased your value. There is a colossal extent of building a fruitful Hadoop career in pretty much every space like Healthcare, Banking, Telecom, Social Media, Retail, and so on

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