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Nov 22, 2021

Binance Clone App

For the growth of your business, it is better not to limit yourself to working with websites and also use clone programs so that you can attract more traders and earn high profits.
Clone programs are sometimes faster and easier to use, and in the business world, time is worth the money.
Today, traders are looking for the easiest and fastest way to trade. So you can support more traders by developing clone applications and creating an advanced user interface.
Among the competitors, you will be more successful if you can offer a reliable tested clone program.
With the customization feature, you can customize everything you want your platform to follow.
To manage digital currency traders, you can set up a platform, which of course is not an easy task, and to facilitate and increase the speed of entering the world of business, you can use simulated and material platforms.
One of the best platforms that many traders want to have one like is Binance Exchange.
If you want to have a platform like that, all you have to do is look for a reputable simulation software development company and then go through the steps of buying a white label binary clone script to have a platform for yourself.
This Binance clone app should have Binance features, and it will be great if you are allowed to customize them so that you can customize the features you want to suit your business needs.
With the customization feature, you can customize everything you want your platform to follow.
As a result, offering digital currency binary programs that support various trading features and digital currencies and fiat is a good way to monetize and promote your business.

White label Binance clone app

Being able to create a software or program like a reputable exchange like Binance that is peer to peer is a big step for business in the digital world.
CloneBinance app is a white label clone app that allows you to attract traders and make high profits by providing advanced business and security features of Binance CloneUp.
This program allows you to manage a platform that is completely for you.
If you were just a trader until yesterday, you can serve many traders from today.
Many software companies develop Binance clone apps and offer them to merchants in a tested way, so you can choose the best one and start your own business.
With Binance software, which has a white label, you can choose the theme, logo, language, and currencies and customize it completely.
In addition to the great Binance features, you can add other features to it and customize it to suit your business needs.

Features of Binance clone app

  • Multilingual support: To be able to present your platform to the world and traders in different languages, Binance clone app support multiple languages ​​so that traders can trade in their language more easily and quickly.
  • Integrate digital currency wallets in smartphones: You can allow your users to use multiple wallets at the same time and keep their currencies in any of them.
  • Sustainable Security: Security is very important for traders and a proper cloning app should have advanced security layers so that traders can trade safely in your clone app Binance.
  • Covered devices: An application clone must have different versions and be provided for all devices, including Android, iOS, mobile web, Windows, mac.
  • Transaction History Backup: Traders need documentation to trust your clone app, and if they can see past transaction history, it will affect their opinion of your app.
  • Multiple Payment Integration: Choose an app clone Binance that allows your traders to use multiple payment methods at the same time instead of one payment method.
  • Fingerprint access: Fingerprint authentication secures your users' accounts and only they can log in to their account and their account information is protected.
  • Real-time trading updates: Your traders need to see the value of currencies updated at all times so they can more easily decide which currencies to buy and which to sell.
  • Two-step authentication: This is a feature to prove the authenticity of users, which brings security to a high level.
  • Trade Match Engine: The powerful Trade Match engine is developed using a special algorithm. Offers various orders such as market order, limited order, stop order, and limited-stop order.

Binane cryptocurrency exchange

Binance Exchange is the largest exchange in the digital world, established in 2017 in Hong Kong. A year after its establishment, it moved its headquarters from China to Europe because China had strict rules. In addition, it offers its services to the United States in a limited way.
The exchange has 4 million active users every 24 hours and offers its services in a centralized and decentralized manner.
Binance cryptography exchange is known as a peer-to-peer exchange and no third party is involved in its transactions. Unless there is a problem and a third party comes to the aid of traders to solve it.
Binance receives a small transaction fee from users and is considered by users to be the top digital currency exchange and has been ranked first.
It supports 43 Fiat currencies and 400 digital coins, making it easy for traders to choose.
Binance has a dedicated token called BNB that offers discounts to users who work with it.
Binance supports a variety of order matching engines such as market orders, limited orders, stop-loss orders and stop orders.

How does the Binance clone app works?

In the first step, users must register in the Binance clone and create their business account, and the important point is to enter the link that will be emailed to them so that they can complete their registration.
The security features can be verified by the users themselves to be implemented for them and if they do not want it will not be implemented for example for two-step verification or fingerprint.
The identification documents that users provide determine the number of bitcoins they can buy, and the amount increases depending on the validity of the document.
To buy digital currency, they must first import some Fiat Ariz so that they can buy digital currency and start trading.

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