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Aug 10, 2021

Cryptocurrencies have already created a trend in this digital world and the emergence of crypto tokens or digital tokens have lifted the crypto space much higher. Here let us look at the crypto tokens and the best service provider who provides the best token development services over the globe.

What is Token in Blockchain ?

Tokens are a kind of cryptocurrency that represent an asset or specific use and occupy on their blockchain.

It can be used for Investment and Trading Purpose.

These tokens are usually generated, spread, and sold through the standard ICO Process.

There are differences between altcoins and crypto tokens.

Difference Between Token and Cryptocurrency:

  • Crypto coins are fungible, tokens are non-fungible.

  • Tokens can be used for multi-purposes depending  on their roles but crypto coins perform  a single function as value-based currency.

  • Tokens can be recovered but coins can not be recovered.

Ethereum Token Development :

Ethereum Token Development is the process of creating ethereum tokens under any of the ethereum token standards like  ERC 20, ERC 721, ERC 223, ERC1440, ERC 82, ERC 621 and so on.

ERC 20:

Is a blockchain based token. It is similar to bitcoin. 

ERC-20  tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain. 

ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment and the number 20 is the proposal identifier.

ERC 721:

The Ethereum Request for Comments 721, offered by William Entriken, ERC 721 is a Non-Fungible Token Standard that implements an API for tokens within Smart Contracts. 

ERC 223:

ERC 223 is based on the ERC 20 Token standard. It prevents tokens from being lost in unhandled transactions.

ERC 621:

ERC 621 is the extension of the ERC-20 Token Standard. In ERC 621 all the functions are working under Smart Contract. 

Bitdeal’s Ethereum Token Development Services :

  • Token Creation

  • Token Migration

  • Cold Storage

  • ICO Development

  • Token Listing

  • Token Wallet Development

About Bitdeal:

Bitdeal started its journey in 2015, with the motto of uplifting the cryptocurrency exchange startups, by creating awareness about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies around the world. The team Bitdeal revolutionized the blockchain industry with customer-centric blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange software solutions. Today, Bitdeal leads the crypto world in innovation with Crypto exchange development, top exchange clone scripts, Decentralized Applications development, DeFi Solutions, and all kinds of blockchain development solutions. Being a blockchain development company, Bitdeal has covered around 50+ countries around the world and has acquired more than 500+ happy clients within five years of journey.

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