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Jul 19, 2021

The Non Fungible Tokens are profiting the clients with a substitute economy through exchanging of their works over a devoted Platform for arranging exchange and get profited through the Platform. In contrast to different Tokens, the NFTs cant be utilized as a method of adapting in Crypto resources; the executives, however, show a novel arrangement of qualities dependent on the area over which they are worked upon. 

Attributable to the staggering exhibition of the NFTs and their effects on the Crypto Collectibles the Crypto Enthusiasts have begun to settle on building a stage that brings all the NFT based compromises inside a solitary Platform like the OpenSea. 

Osiz assists you with fostering the OpenSea Clone Script for the unlimited advantages of the Participants hoping to fabricate their own personal NFT.

Features of OpenSea Clone Script

  • Responsive design. 
  • Activity tracker
  • NFT tracking
  • Asset listing
  • Statistics 
  • Wallets
  • Escrow system

OpenSea Overview

OpenSea is a restrictive commercial center for NFTs to execute the exchange of interaction, explicitly intended to compromise resources that incorporate the Crypto collectibles, expressions, and ancient rarities in the computerized design over the Ethereum Blockchain Network engineering. 

OpenSea Clone

The OpenSea Clone is a NFT commercial center like the OpenSea offering a restrictive commercial center for the Crypto collectibles to be compromised inside the devoted stage with a characterized plan engineering determining the insights of the information really occurring through the Platform. 

NFT Tokens

The Non Fungible Tokens are an interesting arrangement of Tokens that cant be generally exchanged like the typical Crypto Tokens, every one of which NFTs have a remarkable worth. 

The NFTs will undoubtedly compromise resources that incorporate human expressions and ancient rarities that are in advanced arrangements, which are purchased, offered, and sell based on the NFTs as the fundamental unit of exchanges.

OpenSea Clone - Supported Tokens

ERC 721

ERC 1155

ERC 998

How to build an NFT platform with OpenSea script? 

Conventional coding

The Conventional method of composing a contract for the OpenSea Clone Script NFT commercial center happens through a bunch of a smoothed out measure. 


Metadata APIs recover, send, make, refresh or erase and alter data, like custom article definitions and page designs, for your association. This API is planned for overseeing customization without changing the actual information. This strategy is a simple mode to benefit of the administrations of the NFT commercial center.

How does it work?

Building marketplace
Opening marketplace
Run your crowd sale
Power in-app economy 
Fetch assets with API 

Top performers in NFTs

The collectibles that get recorded in the top entertainers are generally the gaming ascribes and their based collectibles. The games incorporate Decentraland, Gods Unchained, and Crypto Kitties. The Crypto Kitty mythical serpent was liable to be sold at the most exorbitant cost ever with an evaluating of 600 ETH, and the EXG.ETH area went for a humongous valuing of 500,000 USD.

Why choose Osiz for the OpenSea clone script? 

Being the trusted NFT development service provider, Osiz Technologies holds the invaluable expertise of NFT token developers to meet the requirements of its clients.

  • Prompt project delivery 
  • Proficient NFT developers 
  • 200+ blockchain experts
  • Priority to clients needs 
  • Post-development support
  • Client-manager collaboration 

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