Cairn Capital announces the appointment of Nicholas Chalmers as Chief Executive Officer

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Sep 15, 2019

Cairn Capital Group Limited (“Cairn Capital”) announced that Nicholas Chalmers has joined the firm as Chief Executive Officer. Nick will take over as CEO from Paul Campbell. Paul will continue to serve the firm as a Senior Adviser, remaining as a member of the Investment Committee and Capital Allocation Committee.
Paul has been CEO since he co-founded Cairn Capital in 2004 and has successfully led it through the financial crisis, completion of the strategic transaction in 2015 when Mediobanca S.p.A. acquired a 51% stake and to the current $4.5 billion* of assets under management.
Nick has joined Cairn Capital from Oceanwood Capital Management where he was CEO and President. Nick brings years of experience in asset management globally, having held senior business development and management positions in the US, Europe and Asia. He will join Cairn Capital’s Executive Management Committee and the boards of Cairn Capital Group Limited, the holding company, and, subject to regulatory approvals, Cairn Capital Limited, the authorised and regulated operating company.
Paul Campbell said: “Now that we are approaching $5 billion of AUM the time is right for me to hand over to Nick for the next phase of growth. I remain committed to the success of the firm and to the continued delivery of high quality asset management services to our clients. I look forward to my continued involvement in the investment process and risk oversight.”
Nick Chalmers said: “I am really excited about the opportunity to join Cairn Capital and lead it in the next phase of growth. The credit markets provide excellent opportunities to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns to investors, whether from public or private markets and with fund structures to suit liquidity. I am delighted to be joining the firm at this time and working with Paul on a seamless transition.”
* As at 30 June 2019. Assets under management and advice figure includes CLOs which are managed by Cairn Loan Investments LLP (“CLI”). CLI is not an affiliate of Cairn Capital but it was established by Cairn Capital and Cairn Capital provides support services to it.
About Cairn Capital
Cairn Capital is a London-based credit asset management and advisory firm established in 2004. Cairn Capital's asset management capabilities focus on European public and private credit markets.

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