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Oct 22, 2021

Being a leading token development company, Security Tokenizer offers the effective Cointool app Clone Scriptusing which one can easily launch a next-gen crypto token generator platform just like Cointool App. Using our ready-made Clone script, the users can launch a platform in which it is easy to create several crypto tokens such as BEP20 tokens, ERC20 tokens and more.


Unique Features of Our Cointool App Clone Script


With our Cointool App Clone Script, one can obtain the below exclusive features.


Market Insights - It has an advanced market insights dashboard where you can the view the current value of cryptocurrencies of various blockchain.


Gas Price List - It allows you to know the real-time gas price for creating different types of crypto tokens.


DeFi Apps - It offers more than 10 decentralized exchanges through which the users can swap tokens with ease.


Batch Balance - The users can instantly check the available balance of any native tokens that have been stored in their wallet.


Token MultiSender - Bulk tokens can be widely distributed to several address with minimal transactions fees.


Easy Token Pre-sale - Cointool App Clone Script makes Token Pre-sale more easy and helps in raising funds for further development of the project.


Multilingual - This Clone Script offers you a multilingual platform which makes it easy for the user to access.


Generates Vanity Addresses - It helps in generating personalized cryptocurrency addresses which are easily identifiable for the user.


Reach out to Security Tokenizer, to benefit from the most effective Cointool App Clone Script and enhance your crypto business.

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