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Oct 7, 2021

Being a leading token development company, Security Tokenizer offers the effective Cointool app Clone Scriptusing which one can easily launch a next-gen crypto token generator platform just like Cointool App. Using our ready-made Clone script, the users can launch a platform in which it is easy to create several crypto tokens as follows,


  1. Create ERC20 Token

  2. Create BEP20 Token

  3. Create TRC20 Token and more


Unique Features of Our Cointool App Clone Script


Below mentioned are some of the special features that Security Tokenizer’s Cointool App Clone Script offers.


i) Easy fast and Convenient.

ii) No need of programming skills.

iii) Absolute ownership of generated crypto tokens.

iv) Custom token name, symbol, and initial supply.

v) Instant verification on published contract source code.


Reach out to Security Tokenizer, to benefit from the most effective Cointool App Clone Script and enhance your business standards.

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