Conclusion STARTERS to Covert Your Writing Into a DESSERTS!

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Sep 23, 2021

You are at the restaurant, and without the starter, you have been served the dessert. Is this the perfect way to have a meal? No, the first thing you eat is the starter, and after having the whole meal, you can have your favorite dessert. Similarly, when you start a conclusion paragraph, it is necessary to have a great start to have a sweet ending.


So, the conclusion paragraph should be using some starters to have a sweet and impressive last paragraph of the essay. Although, you know that conclusion is written in every form of writing. But here, you will know the words to start a conclusion in speeches, research papers, and informal writing. So, let’s start with the starter ideas for speeches. 


Starter Ideas for Speeches


In high school or colleges, many essays are assigned and also asked to deliver a speech or presentation in front of everyone. So, to make a lasting impression, you should use the below-written words.


All things consider

In conclusion

Last but not the least


In my opinion

In the final paragraph


Now that you know 

To sum up


Upon considering all the facts

What else we can conclude

With all this in mind


Starter Ideas for Research Paper


After getting words for speeches, let’s have a glance at the starters ideas you can use for the research paper. 


As a result

Based on the result of the study, it seems

Facts seem to indicate

Surprisingly the facts reveal

The data reveal

Upon review of these findings

Further study is warranted

The major revelation from this study is 

Upon analyzing the data

With the results, like this, reveals


Starter Ideas for Informal


After knowing about the speeches and research papers, let’s have a look at the starter words used in informal writing. 


As I see things

At the end of the day

In simple terms

In a nutshell

On the whole

In my personal take

To cut the long story into short

To cut the chase

Wrap up

Summing up 

When all is said and done

Who knew that

Without all the mumbo jumbo

To clearly state the facts

To get to the heart of the matter

When you have a spicy starter, you would like the dessert more. So, including these words can make your essay look more engaging. In short, these are the starter words you can use to start a conclusion effectively. It will make your last paragraph more sweet and smooth. But if you still face any problems, you can seek assistance from the experts of the Assignment Desk. The writers will make your last paragraph so engaging that it will leave a lasting impression on the reader.