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Nov 23, 2021

For HR professionals, the résumé is the most important application document. Often it is read before the cover letter. A perfect résumé can therefore increase your application chances enormously. But what actually makes a perfect résumé? The content? The layout? His individuality? In the following, you will find numerous tried and tested tips on how to give your resume the perfect shape.

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In general, a résumé consists of seven important sections. These also form the structure according to the following headings:


·         Title and personal data

·         Desired position and photo

·         Professional background

·         Education path (studies, training, school)

·         Expertise

·         Interests and hobbies

·         Place, date, and signature


Here are the explanations in detail ...


Personal Data

The personal data follow under the title. Together with the headline, they form the header of the résumé. The mandatory information includes:


·         First name and surname

·         Address (street, house number, zip code + city)

·         Contact details (telephone number, email, links)

Please always state the current telephone number with the area code. For mobile phone numbers and international applications, you should also write the country code in brackets. Example: (+49). This looks more professional.


Further optional information includes:


·         Date and place of birth

·         nationality

·         marital status

·         Denomination (for church employers or care institutions)

·         Siblings or the parents' occupation are no longer mentioned in the modern résumé. YOU apply - not the family members.


Intended Position

This trick has already helped many applicants: Repeat the desired position from the job advertisement or your preferred career in the résumé! This proves your determination and a high level of identification with the employer and the position


Application Photo

The application photo is not mandatory although, but HR professionals will still be happy to see it because it gives your profile a face. Literally, for some positions, it is also important to know what the future employee looks like (e.g. salesperson or consultant with customer contact).


If you decide to take an application photo, it must be a professional photo from a photographer in the photo studio. No passport photo! Homemade photos also look the same. Their quality is not enough - no matter how good the smartphone is. Selfies, leisure photos, and full-body shots are completely taboo. As a general rule, the photo and style must be of high quality and match the profession and industry.


The perfect photo shows you in profile or half-portrait - face plus part of the upper body. Clothing and hairstyle are appropriate and well-groomed. The background should be neutral and one colour. And: smile! That seems more personable and open-minded.


Professional Background

At the heart of the perfect résumé is your professional career also known as work experience, practical experience, or professional experience. In the chronological sequence, first, write down your current job and then go back in time - position by position.


Time specifications are based on the pattern "MM / YYYY - MM / YYYY". "MM" stands for the month, "YYYY" for the year. Single-digit numbers are padded with a leading "0" ("05/2022"). If the employment relationship currently still exists, write in the first position: "MM / YYYY - today" or "Since MM / YYYY". The spelling of the dates must be consistent throughout the entire curriculum vitae!

Stations are also set up uniformly. It is recommended that you name the job title first. It is particularly meaningful for suitability. In the case of cryptic job titles, state the translation or the department area in brackets after it. This is followed by the previous employer and his company headquarters. Pay attention to the correct legal form. In case of doubt, you can find this in the imprint of the company website.


Educational Path

Apprenticeship not only includes vocational training but also studies or school education. However, only the degree and the overall grade are important.


Anyone who has been abroad for some time or completed a semester abroad should mention this. Please state the country and university where you studied. Such experiences prove intercultural competence.


Because attending a primary school is a matter of course and is evident from the subsequent qualifications, this information is mostly irrelevant for employers. The older you are and the more work experience you have, the less important information from school becomes. Only the highest educational qualification is mentioned in the application.


Special Knowledge/Expertise/Achievements

Special knowledge and qualifications in the résumé increase your chances because you demonstrate additional commitment. But never call this section as other That devalues ​​the additional qualifications.


Here, too, only list skills that fit the desired position and offer added value for the future employer. For example:


·         linguistic proficiency

·         IT skills, PC skills

·         Voluntary engagement

·         (Professional) experience abroad

·         Grants

·         Awards

·         Continuing education and training

·         Certificates

·         Publications and own projects


Describe special knowledge/expertise/achievements precisely and with evaluation. In the case of language skills, for example, the language level (basic knowledge, fluent, etc.). Evidence, references, or certificates are also a plus. The more precisely your present key competencies, the more convincing your application and suitability will be.


Interests & Hobbies

Interests and hobbies are often underestimated (alternative headings: engagement, leisure activities). They round off the applicant's profile. It is not uncommon for relevant soft skills to be hidden here.


But again only name those hobbies that document useful experiences for the job, demonstrate leadership qualities, or underline social skills. Dangerous hobbies (skydiving, motocross, etc.) should be left out. Here employers fear frequent absences due to accidents.


Place, Date, Signature

Formally, the résumé must be completed with the place, date, and a personal signature. By signing, you confirm that the information provided is true. The date indicates that the CV is up to date.


When applying online, you should scan your handwritten signature beforehand, cut it out and then insert it into your résumé like a picture. If you use your CV template frequently, remember to update the date every time and to match the other application documents. Otherwise, HR managers will know immediately that the application is a patchwork application.

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Published: Nov 23, 2021