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Nov 2, 2021

Are you thinking about relocating? Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the prices involved.

Moving may seem like a smart option if it allows you to save money on rent, but have you considered what it probably costs to transfer homes in Dubai?

With the property market growing increasingly aggressive, ex-pats relocating to and residing in some of Dubai's top communities now have additional alternatives for saving money on rent.

Mostly as a result, renters may feel compelled to relocate in order to save a penny or two. But, before you hurry to choose a new favorite location to reside in, have you considered how much it costs to relocate to Dubai?

Moving may save you 10 to 15 thousand Dirhams on rents (for a larger area in most cases), but when you factor in the upfront payment, agency fees, movers' expenses, and upkeep costs... the money you'll save will be spent somewhere.

If you're thinking about moving to Dubai, here's detailed information on how much it costs to relocate home in the emirate.

1. Before you move

  • Painting/redecorating: approx. Dhs 100 - 200
  • Maintenance tasks like electricals/plumbing: approx. Dhs 100 - 200
  • Cleaning/deep-cleaning of current unit: maximum Dhs 600


Despite changes in the law that no longer require tenants to return a unit in the same condition in which they moved in, renters may feel obligated to fix any wear and tear that happened while living in the property.

Any artwork that may be needed, such as a new coat of paint on most, if not all, walls, is one of the initial costs to evaluate when moving house in Dubai. Most repair businesses charge an hourly rate of Dhs 100 - 200 for this service.

Any damaged bulbs, frayed cables, cracked toilet seats, or flushing problems... These are also things that can be fixed before leaving a house, and they can be done in the days leading up to shifting out. Again, these services are provided by maintenance businesses on an hourly basis.

Finally, at this point, you may choose to employ a cleaning service to aid with a deeper cleaning than usual to ready your apartment for your departure. Depending on the organization, this might cost roughly Dhs 40 per hour, with rates as high as Dhs 600 for a full service.

2. One or two weeks before moving

  • 5% agency fee (if applicable)
  • 5% deposit for the new unit
  • First rent cheque
  • Moving boxes: around Dhs 150


You've no sure located your ideal new house by this time, and you're ready to sign your tenancy agreement with your new landlord. Expect to pay 5% of your total rent as an agency charge (if you choose to use a property agent), as well as a 5% commitment to secure your special unit.

For instance, if you rent a multiple townhouse/villa for AED 120,000 per year, your agent fee and deposit will be Dhs 6,000 each, for a totaling of Dhs 12,000.

Before handing over your cheques to the agent/landlord, make sure they are ready and signed. One or two checks used to be popular in Dubai's real estate market, but now renters can find a variety of cheque rentals, greatly lowering the overall cost of moving.

For instance, if you decided to pay your rent in four instalments of AED 30,000, your first cheque will be AED 30,000. This revenue should be available and, in your account, when your landlord deposits the check on the agreed-upon start date.

You might also want to begin to think about packing. While many moving firms in Dubai provide packing as part of the moving package, it's not uncommon to wish to start packing your possessions yourself. This can assist in ensuring that any precious or sentimental objects are packed, secure, and ready for moving day. Boxes can be purchased at stores such as ACE Hardware for roughly Dhs 150 for ten boxes.

Total cost so far, approximately AED 43,150.

This estimated figure includes your first rent check for your new home, but you may want to omit it from your computations because you'd be paying rent if you stayed where you were. At this point, the true cost of transporting would be AED 13, 150.

3. The actual move

  • Moving company: on average, Dhs 2,000
  • Deep cleaning: Dhs 600
  • A/C cleaning: on average, Dhs 1,500
  • DEWA deposit: Dhs 2,000 (apartment) / Dhs 4,000 (townhouse/villa)
  • Ejari: Dhs 365
  • du/Etisalat transfer: Dhs 100
  • Vehicle access permits: Dhs 200


Moving day has come, and you will undoubtedly require assistance! Hiring a transport company is a popular practise here, as a firm obviously has the resources to transport large furniture and box/pack belongings fast and easily. Most, if not all, firms provide package choices that include extras such as unloading, re-decorating, cleaning, and so on.

You may feel more at ease having your new unit thoroughly cleaned before moving in. After all, even if you know the landlord has cleaned the apartment, if you're like us, you'll want to make sure it's done thoroughly yourself. Set aside at least Dhs 600 for this.

The preceding also applies to air conditioners located within the property. If you're moving to a different home, you may not need to pay for this, but for older units, having the A/C cleaned on a regular basis is a necessary. You can't always be certain that the former occupants and/or landlord cleansed the A/C thoroughly. Prices vary based on the company and can range from Dhs 1,200 to Dhs 3,000 depending on size of your unit.

Another consideration is your DEWA deposit. If you move from an apartment to a townhouse/villa, your DEWA security will increase from Dhs 2,000 to Dhs 4,000, and you must pay the Dhs 2,000 difference. If you are moving from one villa to another, you should not have to pay any additional fees.

Listing your Ejari it is a must for Dubai tenants; it is simple to accomplish online and costs Dhs 365. If you approach your agent for assistance, you could expect to pay them roughly Dhs 500 for their assistance.

It is also necessary to transfer your du/Etisalat connection. Tenants are charged a Dhs 100 moving fee, which is applied to their next payment.

When relocating into specific communities, such as Emirates Living by Emaar, tenants must get a move-in permission. Residents are encouraged to obtain community access cards for their autos, even though they are free. Each of these will set you back Dhs 200.

Additional costs you may not have thought about...

If you've hired a transport company to assist you on the day, buying sandwiches, snacks, and refreshments is a lovely way to show your gratitude. Bare in mind that these guys most likely have another house and moving after yours (it happens!) So providing them with snacks and drinks would undoubtedly be greatly appreciated... It's also a simple way to express gratitude! If you wish, this should not cost more than Dhs 150.

What about the kids?

On a workday, you might not have to deal with this problem. If you need to relocate on a weekend and have small kids, you may want to consider scheduling a hotel stay for them as well as your partner and/or housekeeper. Moving can be difficult, and with so many heavy goods, electricals, and tools nearby, it's usually best to keep small hands and curious out of the way. If you decide to do this, look for a nearby hotel and budget no more than Dhs 300 for the night.


Furthermore, if you're transferring between locations, there may be a delay in getting your DEWA linked. Which might be a nightmare if you're relocating while it's hot, hot, hot outside! It's probably advisable to keep small children cool somewhere else.


Lastly, what about your four-legged companions?

Finally, if you have dogs, cats or any kind of pet you may want to explore boarding them to keep them secure. We've heard too many horror stories of furry family members getting loose during moves, and the last thing you want to do once you've moved into your new house is to be urgently looking for your pet. Make a reservation them into your nearest boarding facility for the night so you know they're safe. Depending on the firm you choose, this should cost around Dhs 100 and Dhs 170.


Total cost so far, approximately AED 49,915.


4. After moving in


Until now, we've covered the necessary costs of relocating to Dubai. There's a lot to think about before you even move into your new Dubai home, from DEWA to that first rent payment, to maintenance work.

Now comes the nicest (and most enjoyable) part – shopping! If you've increased the size of your apartment, your mind will be racing with thoughts for furniture and soft furnishings to round out your new home.

If you're relocating, you'll most likely already have your big-ticket items, such as a sofa, beds, dining table, and white goods such as a washer/dryer, oven, and refrigerator.

  • Having said that, you also might want to update an item, or you may truly require one for your new home, therefore to assist you calculate prices, here's an estimation of how much you would roughly budget for it all needed:


  • Bedroom suite (includes a bed, mattress, dresser, wardrobe for example): between Dhs 3,000 - 7,000
  • Fridge/freezer: average is Dhs 2,000
  • Gas oven: approx. Dhs 1,000
  • Electric oven: approx. Dhs 3,000
  • Microwave: Dhs 150
  • Lounge sofa: between Dhs 4,000 - 10,000
  • Dining table and chairs: between Dhs 2,000 - 7,000
  • Washer/dryer: average is Dhs 3,000

Of obviously, all of this is dependent on where you shop and which products you choose. Sofa and home goods outlets in the Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall cater to a wide variety of budgets.


The total cost of moving in Dubai


Following our comprehensive information above, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the cost of relocating here. As previously stated, the final sum of over AED 50,000 comprises your first rent payment for your new unit. Take that out, and you've got a more manageable figure.

Again, our above advise is meant to provide an average price to help you determine how much you need to spend; price will vary based on the suppliers or companies you choose to engage while moving, which can help tremendously when saving money.

Ultimately, is moving the right decision for you right now?

With thousands of additional rental units hitting the market this year and next in the run-up to Expo2020, it's no surprise that tenants are wondering if relocating is the best and most appropriate option for them right now. If saving money on rent is your primary aim, looking at the cost of transporting will help you understand what you'll save overall.

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