Coworking Spaces in Oslo in 2021-2022

Article about Coworking Spaces in Oslo in 2021-2022

Oct 6, 2021

Oslo is the capital and the most populated city in the country, the administrative, economic, and cultural center of Norway. The city has grown so much in recent years, that it has completely devoured the region territory. Almost 25% of the population in Oslo comes from abroad. Norway is famous for its incredible level of equality, tolerance, and acceptance. The city-region is growing and building up a new positive reputation - a hub of innovation, major international business player, and a place of concentration of the most talented experts. The city is constantly working on self-improvement and therefore - urban restructuring. In fact, coworking in Oslo is the most popular office solution among solopreneurs, medium-sized businesses, and startups. Norwegians have long realized the benefits of shared workspaces and not only from the financial point of view. A vast array of research papers have already highlighted the benefits that coworking has to offer: increased collaboration, networking, a higher chance of innovative ideas, and a better business growth perspective. Moreover, in the context of Olso, coworking is a great tool that helps battle the ever-growing demand for office space, which otherwise would not be met. Since Oslo invests a lot in the training of knowledge corridors, technology parks, city quarters, and general business infrastructure, the city is considered a future-proof location.

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